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speech therapy..please help

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bubblepop Tue 07-Jul-09 13:43:01

hello all, havn't posted on here for a while but would appreciate some advice please, esp moondog if she's there.

my dd aged 3.5 currently sees a speech therapist and has done for the last year. she is my 4th child. she is a chatty child who has plenty to say but mis pronounces some sounds due to her tongue being thrust forward, she had a dummy till aged 3. she seems very 'normal' to me in every other way,and we have no real concerns about her development. when we see our speech lady she totally clams up and becomes very shy,she does co-operate but reluctantly. the lady has explained that she does this as my dd is being put 'on the spot' so to speak, and that all the attention is on her.I agree. This has been going on now for over a year and she has indicated how suprised she is that my dd has not yet come out of her shell and become more familiar with her. just lately I am starting to wonder what exactly we are getting out of our appointments with her, she has noted that there has been some improvements in some of her sounds,but I am of the humble opinion that maybe she would have done this anyway as she grew older.The speech therapist has done nothing apart from monitor her progress so far, there have been no practical exercises to do or games etc shown to me so that I can encourage my dd.

Anyway, I made the decision to keep attending our appointments as I realise progress may be slow and I want to give my dd the best chance she can have to progress normally as we approach school age. However, to further complicate my already mixed feelings on the matter my speech therapist is the most judgemental, irritable, obnoxious person I have ever had the dis-pleasure to meet inn the NHS system. she is rude,impatient,abrubt. So far, I have bitten my lip and said nothing, I realised that she was there for my dd, not me, so despite my dislike of the woman I continued to bring dd to see her. I have come across 3 other parents so far who feel exactly the same way so I know its not just me having a little personality clash.Infact, those 3 other parents all discontinued to see her and keep their appointments for their children because of her attitude. Ive thought about it and its crossed my mind that perhaps my dd just does'nt like her!! I know I dont! what on earth am I going to do?

cjones2979 Tue 07-Jul-09 15:50:40

What a dilemma to be in!!

My DS had speech therapy & he did the same, clammed up at the clinic. I was fortunate that the SaLT was lovely, and she suggested coming out to my home to see him as she thought this would help him being in his own environment. It did!! He was quite happy to play games with her etc at home.

I don't know whether this would be possible for you, but it's definitely worth asking.

Good luck.

Hassled Tue 07-Jul-09 15:57:45

There are some fantastic SALTs around, and some who really should have thought about a different career. Or realised early on that they didn't actually like children.

Ring the SALT Dept and ask for X's line manager. And tell him/her what you've told us - you find the SALT rude and your DD isn't bonding with her in any way, you've had no exercises to do (which I find baffling - what is the point of assessment without intervention?) and you would like to be placed with another SALT.

My DS3 had a rubbish experience with group Speech Therapy, but given your DD's shyness when under the spotlight, she might actually open up and say a bit more in a group setting. It might be worth suggesting.

bubblepop Wed 08-Jul-09 11:24:10

thankyou, bumping for some more replies.

CarGirl Wed 08-Jul-09 11:29:54

I really can't understand why you haven't been given any "work" to do or told how to postively correct your dc through modelling etc, pretending you don't understand her sometimes etc?

I agree ring her line manager and explain the situation.

I've had 2 different dc attend group speech therapy, they both helped but of course the most important thing is how often you practice at home - so if you've got nothing to do how will she progress?

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