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Dreading sportsday - ULTRA competitive 4 yr old ds

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paranoidmum Mon 06-Jul-09 20:48:02

Nursery-school sportsday is looming, and I am already dreading the tears and tantrums should 4 yr-old ds not win. Yes, he is a "healthy boy", but no-idea where such determined competitiveness has come from.

Major trauma should he not win - anger, tears, shouting, totally unconsolable.

Have explained over and over again (1st up the stairs, 1st to walk to end of road, 1st to get dressed etc etc etc) that winning isn't important etc....

Any similar experiences? Should I just go with the flow, and hope he may end up an olympic athlete, or any way to control the disappointment?


taczilla Mon 06-Jul-09 21:10:57

I am watching this with interest as you could be describing my ds 4 too. He struggles with not winning and out comes his bottom lip.

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