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Second molars??

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yipeeforthesun Sat 04-Jul-09 21:00:01

DS is 22 months and I think he is getting his second molars, he has been off his food for a little while, last couple of days been really cranky and chewing his fingers, whole hand pretty much all day - getting him to sleep tonight has been a nightmare and he keeps putting his fingers in his ear, so I am guessing this is the next molars coming through as he has all his other teeth. Do you think this is right? if so how long did they take to come through for your little ones?

Piffle Sat 04-Jul-09 21:04:46

My ds2 got his before turning 2. They came through one after the other, he was wajibg and hard to settle about 3/7 days so not too bad
The 2nd molars have quite big lumps. So have a feel. Also my lad loved chewing a small toothbrush with bonjela on it.

CyradisTheSeer Sun 05-Jul-09 07:38:10

Message withdrawn

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