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hot weather and lack of interest in milk or water

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hemjo1 Thu 02-Jul-09 14:37:01

The recent hot spell of weather has really got us worried with our 3 month old sons milk intake....he seems to have gone off feeding and even taking water. In fact anything in a bottle is of no real interest to him. hes not ill, though just got over a cold and sore throat (week ago). hes only taking 3-4 ozs at a time. We know it could very well be the heat that has affected his usual voracious appetite.We have a fan in his room and try to make it as comfortable as possible but he is still not interested in eating, where as he has always been a big eater?! we have tried to feed him in different rooms, positions, gave him a cold feed...we are at our wits end as he is really fussing and crying. Poor thing, the heat is a real pain! Appreciate any suggestions as to why he is behaving in this way?
thanks in advance

3littlefrogs Thu 02-Jul-09 14:46:45

Can you put him in a luke warm bath and let him splash for a little while, then offer him a drink?

If he is taking 3 or 4 ozs at a time, he is getting some fluids. If he is FF he needs extra cooled, boiled water in this heat.

Is he very tired and can't settle because of the heat?

Maybe he doesn't like the sound or feel of the fan.

hemjo1 Thu 02-Jul-09 16:44:52

hi 3littlefrogs

thanks for the reply. we give him cooled boiled water extra cooled, and he doesnt mind the fan at all, in fact he likes it as a whitenoise background! Youre right he is getting some fluids and we think its just the heat that he doesnt like, and he is tired through the heat!
we are going to soak a piece of muslin cloth in cold water and hang it in his room as weve heard it cools the atmosphere a little? thanks again for your help, smile

BarrelOfMonkeys Fri 03-Jul-09 16:20:17

Have you tried water/milk in a cup (or shot glass if easier for him to drink from - don't use if he has teeth but at 3 months I imagine that's not an issue)? At least you can wet his mouth so might get a bit more in him.

How is the top of his head? If it's not 'dinted' more than usual, his mouth's not dry and you're still getting regular wet nappies you probably don't need to worry about him being dehydrated.

DD is 6 months and her eating is all over the place in the heat, was worried she wasn't taking much and next day she ate loads, so he may make up for it tomorrow!

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