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Behaviourproblems in 10 year old boy

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madness86 Mon 16-May-05 16:27:40

Ive just moved in with my partner who I have been seeing for 4 years.He has a 10 year old boy that lives with him as his mother is unable to look after him.
We have always had problems with my partners son ever since we met. When he was originally living with his mum we had to change schools as he was very disruptive in class and was nearly expelled so we changed him schools. He seemed to do a bit better when he started doing the same things and again we changed him schools closer to where we lived. My partners son has been living with my partner for approx 2 years and we have been living together for 5 months.
The 1st week he started his new school I caught him stealing a big box of school rubbers and paints which was stashed in his school bag and was constantly getting into trouble. His attitude towards me is really horrible and is nasty towards his mother when he stays with her. Me and my partner are constantly trying our best and have tried grounding him, taking his ps2 and taken his phone from him but nothing seems to work.
I dread him coming home from school as my partner goes back to work once he has picked him up and dropped him off. He is really nasty but says he really likes me.
It is making me bad and i just dont know what to do. We want to try for a baby next year but are scared that my partners son will get worse. We bought him a dog because he wanted a dog to try and change his behaviour but he got worse.
He has treats and lots of care and attention and lots of friends but if he carrys on he wont have any and im scared that ill end up in hospital through stress which has already happened before through my partners sons behaviour. I just dont know what to do anymore. He just finds it funny

SoBlue Sat 21-May-05 18:04:13

Its hard work being accepted as a step parent (iv had 2) usually what you really want is attention from your real parent and the step parent to be more of a friend which can grow into more with time. Stealing can be a sign of wanting attention and its particularily important for boys to get that from their dad. Some male bonding may help football, fixing stuff together etc. and will bring some positive fun back into the relationship and give them time to chat. You could treat yourself while they do this (& a good time to concentrate on baby too) later you could do family stuff playing board games etc. so your included. Just lifting the negative atmosphere should help foster some positive vibes and he should want to please you both more. HTH

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