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how do i stop him biting?

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mel1981 Thu 02-Jul-09 12:39:02

DS2 is 2 years 3months and has always had a chewing/biting habit form a young age ie chews or bits anything in sight- books furniture, clothes everything is mangled at one point it was so bad we couldnt take him to anyones house in fear of him ruining their stuff. Were told he would grow out of it but still hasnt yet.
At the moment though he has started biting his 5 year old brother- all the time. wheter they are playing or argueing. I dont know what to do to stop him... telling him off and naughty step dont do anything with this. And while its bad enough him doing it to his 5yr old brother in worried incase he'll do it to his 5 week old brother!
Any tips please??

mel1981 Thu 02-Jul-09 12:39:55

Also its not just his brother he bites. Has bitten me and DH especially if being told off but again sometimes when playing with him.

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