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Finally getting the hang of potty training, now we have *another* problem

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JoyS Wed 01-Jul-09 14:25:09

My 3.1 yo DD is finally using the potty reliably. She's done really well, had one accident over the last 10 days and even managed it when we're out and about!

However. She finds it easiest to remember to go when she's not wearing any pants, which means she has constant access to her fanjo. Her body and all that, I want her to feel comfortable and not have ishoos but she's got her hands down there all the time! Apart from anything else, 3yo bottoms are not the cleanest places in the world.

We're trialling wearing pants today but no trousers and I've told her that if she wants to touch herself there she should do so in her room or the bathroom.

Any tips? I know she can't be the first kid to do this!

Egg Wed 01-Jul-09 14:33:58

Hehe, my DS1 can't stop fiddling with his willy since he has been out of nappies (6 or so weeks). For some reason I am dreading this with DD but find it amusing with DS1.

I told DS1 today that he can fiddle with it at home if he has to, but not to do it when we are out. He told me it was sticking out today. When I looked he had a little stiffy. He was proud.

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