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9 month old baby scared of other babies!

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mrsh77 Tue 30-Jun-09 22:21:32

Hi I wonder if I could ask for some advice?

My 9 month old daughter is VERY scared of other babies when they cry or make a noise (even happy ones like laughing!) She also has loads of tears when they come anywhere near her (and especially if they touch her). She has the usual stranger anxiety to an extent, but this seems to be something else and something which my friend's babies (of the same age) aren't experiencing. It may well be a 'phase' but I can't find any information on it and it's making going to weighing in clinic, friends' houses, music groups etc really embarrassing. More importantly, I'm worried that she's so upset and wonder what I can do to help (apart from the usual cuddles)?

Has anyone else experienced this?


barnsleybelle Tue 30-Jun-09 22:39:53

I havn't experienced this but didn't want to read and run. <hugs>

Irrational fears in babies and young children are very commonplace and can spring up for all sorts of things.
I think the best idea is to just go with her fears for now. Love her and make her feel safe. Could you avoid the clinic and tots groups for a couple of weeks. When you pass another pram or buggy say "oh look at that lovely friendly little girl/boy" with lots of smiles and positive non-verbals.
Sometimes we are unaware that we reinforce their fears by looking a little anxious when faced with a situ we think they may not like. Smiley smiley and positive comments are needed.
I'm sure it is just a phase, but one you should slowly help her through. The fear, although irrational is real to her so maybe ease of large numbers of other babies for now.

mrsh77 Wed 01-Jul-09 21:32:58

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply and for the advice

I'm continuing to give cuddles and we had a much better day with friends and babies today (following an awful one yesterday).

Interestingly enough, I popped out to post a letter and left my daughter with the others (I really trust them and my daughter does, too) and when I got back they said the other babies were crawling near her and she was smiling away! No tears at all .. mmm?

Also, she's only been like this for the last five or so days. Before that we were on holiday and she was fine with young babies, children and adults! And before that we moved, and she seemed to settle in really well, but I wonder if move and hols combined have made her qstion what's normal and that this is the way it's manifesting itself?

But you're right. It's a phase that I just need to help her through. Thanks so much again.

mrsh77 Wed 01-Jul-09 21:36:41

Just to add, there were only two babies (although there was only one yesterday??) and we were at our house, so perhaps she felt more secure in familiar surroundings ...

Re large groups, I wondered whether not going to many pre move and holiday might have actually caused it all? We used to do lots and then I had to stop for a few weeks due to packing etc. It was just the two of us for days on end. I'm probably over thinking it all!!

Thanks again. Really appreciate advice.

digitalgirl Wed 01-Jul-09 21:51:15

My DS is similar. It's not their presence that he's scared of it's when they scream and screech. He's always been sensitive to harsh high pitched noises and cries whenever any sudden loud noises take him by surprise.

But he is always much more confident when other babies visit us as opposed to being out and about.

He's now 10 mo and is gaining confidence by the day. This week he's crawled towards a group of babies at playgroup and a music class. It's surprising how suddenly this change has come about. Hopefully your dd will become more confident over the next few months. But I think it's dfinitely best not to over think these things and just try and reassure her as much as possible without necessarily avoiding other babies altogether. Perhaps try and set up playdates with one other baby who isn't much of a screecher. (although most of them are)

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