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toddler thirst? Stage?

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haven Mon 16-May-05 04:28:27

i know that toddlers tend to get picky with eating...but ds drinks first we thought it was because of the bottle ( we would give it to him on occasion ) but as he gets older the thirst is all the time...he got up last night crying for something to drink..he will be playing and quickly change , screaming for "ink" i thought maybe his teeth or cutting but this has been awhile...we have to always have a cup of juice or something...Is this a stage....

suzywong Mon 16-May-05 05:10:13

sure it is
unless you detect any underlying health problems

how does his tongue look; cracked or furry?
a test for serious dehydration is to pinch a bit of skin on his tummy and if it doesn't snap back but sags and stays in the shape of the pinch then that means dehydration
and hows's his wee? if it's dark and smells bad then that could be a problem

if he is otherwise OK and his wee is pale yellow and not whiffy then it sounds like he's just revelling in the effect yelling "ink" has on you guys


Fran1 Mon 16-May-05 08:26:15

Is he craving the juice more? rather than actually being thirsty.

I used to only let dd have water and she'd drink an average amount, then she discovered blackcurrent and asks for it far more frequently and drinks much more, so i'm introducing more water again so she keeps used to that.

She's 2.5 btw.

Rinkydink Mon 16-May-05 09:34:13

My Ds is 2, he drinks alot too. Much more than Dd ever has. It's irritating having to make one after another after another, but if he's thirsty, i say give it to him. Mind you, if i do give him water, he will pester for juice. So it could just be the taste he likes. I do make it quite weak though. He also wakes once or twice a night, for his juice. It doesn't bother me, I'm used to it by now!

loulabelle222 Mon 16-May-05 09:46:54

my ds is 13m and he loves his water,he will not drink anything else which i suppose is a good thing. I have tried to cut down on it though because he wakes up soaking wet during the night where he has weed so much!

haven Mon 16-May-05 15:20:11

i was sort of worried as my godchild ( sister's child) recently diagnosed with diebetes and my grandfather was also insulin dependent....and sis told my watch out for certain things as diebetes tends to run in families...but before i got worked up i wanted to see how many other tots were liquid drinking nuts

Seona1973 Mon 16-May-05 19:59:36

do you give sugar free/no added sugar juice? The artificial sweeteners used in them (aspartame in particular) can cause excessive thirst as well as other horrible things see here

Other than that, could it be a comfort thing?

haven Wed 18-May-05 14:21:25

no i don't use those...he drinks water, gatorade, or o.j. watered down because of the acid and he has reflux. cool-aid on occasion, but i don't buy it much because of the sugar. his teeth don't have much enamal on the front upper teeth so i have always watched his liquid intake.
that was a very informative site.

makes you think twice about using artificial stuff also my husbands family farm sugar cane

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