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How do i cope with a 5 year old that constantly moans and whines?

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kirstycorn Mon 29-Jun-09 13:13:03

Hi, i'm needing help! My 5 year old never seems to be happy with anything that we do for her, she moans about everything and anything. I've tried being patient and explaining the reasons behind things, i've tried asking her why she is moaning and upset and i've tried to be firm by using the naughty step etc. She has been like this for a while and seems to be getting worse.

Also she does not do as she is told, i know 5 year olds can be like this. She constantly ignores us when we ask her to do things and starts moaning because she has do it, even though in some cases she has asked to the activity in the first place!

I have read that omega oils can help and calm a child, is this true?

Can anyone offer any advice?

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Mon 29-Jun-09 13:26:18

Have you ever come across the term Positive Parenting?

I'm sure there are heaps more books on the subject now, but the one I read years ago was by Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer and it made a huge difference.

Basically, we get into negative cycles where the child's behaviour is re-inforced by our response to it, but there are ways of breaking out of the situation.

One basic suggestion is not to pick up on the things you don't like by telling her off or telling her not to do the thing. Instead you make a positive suggestion, such as 'talk in a normal voice,' so she's being told what to do rather than what not to so, iyswim.

And don't get drawn into arguments or discussions - keep a breezy voice and attitude and just state that now it's time to do whatever.

The naughty step is a form of rejection IMO, although I know others swear by it.

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