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Any idea how long before he crawls?

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Flossam Sun 15-May-05 12:24:25

DS is now 6 months and seems to have really mastered the knack of getting up on to all fours and rocking backwards and forwards. He has always been a strong baby. Just wondering from a baby proofing point of view if it is likely to be long before he sets off places? I know he still seems young, but does anyone recall when their little ones started crawling once they reached this stage?

marne Sun 15-May-05 12:26:33

My dd didnt sit up until she was 7 months, she crawled at 9 months and just started walking at 14 months. Sounds like your ds is doing realy well.

Flossam Sun 15-May-05 12:28:45

He sat up with two small cushions acting as bumpers either side for about ten minutes this morning!! I usually end up thinking that he is slower than normal, my friends DS was rolling all around the room at about 4 and a half months old, before Ds had even properly figured out how to do one!

Bozza Sun 15-May-05 13:04:39

Think it totally depends on the child. My friend's baby was doing that for ages before she started crawling, my DD only a matter of days. But friend's baby crawled younger than DD IYSWIM. Some seem to get stuck at a certain stage for ages, while others zoom through that stage but get stuck at another.

MarsLady Sun 15-May-05 13:06:48

They go when they are ready. You can't tell even if all the signs point in the right direction. They love to keep us guessing. lol. The DTs were crawling at about 9 months, maybe earlier, brain drain. They were walking at 11 months, climbing at 12 and destroying everything they touch by 15 months. What can I tell ya? Babies!

beansprout Sun 15-May-05 15:17:59

Ds is 6m and has only just started rolling (but boy is he getting about!). Nowhere near all fours and I assume (hope) a long way from crawling! It feels like twice the work now he doesn't stay where I put him!!!

Libb Sun 15-May-05 15:26:40

Flossam, you are back! nice to see you my lovely.

DS mastered the art really quickly but he did do the rocking thing for a good 2 months before suddenly tucking his legs in the right place - this week we have had pulling up and standing! I don't think walking will be too far away . . . and I really don't think you should be worried about his timing, they do it when they see fit I think.

He had a fab first birthday yesterday - did a fantastic impression of Elvis partying at the Jailhouse Rock for everyone (read: standing at his stairgate and wobbling on his legs)!

Libb Sun 15-May-05 15:28:15

Don't forget Rule Number 1 - don't fret about other babies, you know yours better than anyone.

He sounds just perfect to me. (he looks it too)

Flossam Sun 15-May-05 16:25:50

Thanbks Libb and everyone! Glad your party was a rocking success!! We haven't got a safety gate for the new flat yet - DP is buying it when he has been paid in a few weeks time! Hence the worry. Interesting that he might be rocking back and forwards for a good while! He spends about 20minutes at a time doing it, and seems to get rather frustrated at the end!! Libb, I spyed on you on your May thread, glad things seem to be moving along a bit for you now. I'll look out for you on MSN for a proper chat. xxx

Nemo1977 Sun 15-May-05 16:29:40

flossam my ds was like that. He crawled about week after getting on all fours. Was cruising at 7mths and walking at try and save urself some energy in

hunkermunker Sun 15-May-05 16:32:08

Flossam, DS crawled about 9-10 months, he'd rocked for AGES though (and done the skydiver thing - flat on tummy, arms and legs up!). And first of all he went backwards - he kept getting wedged under the sofa...!

He's 13mo now and spends a lot of the day standing up, holding on. Nowhere near walking, I don't think, but I'm not bothered

vess Sun 15-May-05 19:27:03

Maybe a few weeks to crawling, I'd say. Gets frustrated 'cause he wants to move but can't yet. He's got the right idea, though - so not far!

charleepeters Sun 15-May-05 19:28:47

ds doesnt get on his hands and knees yet but rocks when hes sitting up, he can push himself up on his arms but doesnt do the legs yet hes 8 months is this ok???

hunkermunker Sun 15-May-05 19:34:17

CP, yep.

ambrosia Sun 15-May-05 20:02:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bozza Sun 15-May-05 21:16:34

Flossam my DD was one today so just a day younger than Libb's DS, but she has been pulling herself up to standing for months (before she could crawl if she was near something) but OTOH I would say she was nowhere near walking - no balance and not that keen on cruising.

Flossam Sun 15-May-05 22:25:41

Happy birthday to your DD Bozza! Thanks for that! I get what you mean - he is doing that but I can't seem him being co-ordinated enough to be putting one hand in front of the other IYSWIM! Bless him.

Ambrosia, Lol!!

biglips Sun 15-May-05 22:28:51

mine is 7 months and had been on all her fours (not crawling but standing on all fours) for the past 5 weeks now, only sits up for couple of seconds till she bowled over, only started to roll from back to tummy and then back on her back and carried on doing it (not rolling)

charleepeters Mon 16-May-05 09:43:56

got it seems mines the only one who can only sit and rock! getting worried hes 8 motnhs and he cant do all fours yet, or crawl, or pull himself up eek

charleepeters Mon 16-May-05 11:07:35

Sorry about that last post i know i keep going on about ds not doing things its just i do get really worried as it seems every where i look babies his age are crawling,rollins, pulling themselves up ect , all websites say he should be doing these sort of things now but he doesnt even seem interested in doing them, hes happy just to sit up (unsupported) and play with his toys or go in his baby walker, he wont go on his front for more that a couple of minutes and he doesnt try to roll, i put him on a blanket and put his toys out of reach and all he does if he cant get one is give u and play withhis feet or cry, he can push himself up on his arms when hes on his front and can support his wieght on his feet when standing if i hold his hands but he doesnt pull himslef up or hold onthe furniture. and i know i go on about it and i dont want to be a pushy mum but i worry!

Bozza Mon 16-May-05 20:19:59

cp - just like my DS. He never did crawl, hardly rolled and couldn't pull up but was walking well at 13 months. Didn't actually pull up until his first birthday but was cruising well - eg flat walls by that point. Some just have their own way of doing things.

charleepeters Mon 16-May-05 20:27:30

thanks bozza i was expecting eveyone to tell me to sod off i keep worrying on here about him thanks your a star

Bozza Mon 16-May-05 21:40:49

I actually think not doing the other things made DS walk sooner. If he could have crawled he would have had less need to walk IYSWIM. And he's always been the sort who won't do something until he knows he can. With DD I think she will be a later walker because when she's cruising and it gets a bit difficult she just drops down and crawls.

Libb Tue 17-May-05 21:40:05

I agree with Bozza, if they start crawling then they lose interest in walking, why walk and fall down hard when you can crawl and just flump down gently?

neasels Wed 25-May-05 09:23:38


my son is nearly 10.5 months and is showing no signs of crawling, supporting his weight by standing or rolling on to his tummy. He hates being on his tummy and will certainly tell you to sit him up again. They all develop at such different paces and you know if things are okay or whether there is real reason to worry don't you. SF was late to sit up (7.5 months) but had 6 teeth! I also find it hard not to worry, but know that he will walk/crawl when he is ready and not because everyone else wants him too...

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