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why has my 3 month bub become a wind machine???

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dezzer Fri 26-Jun-09 05:46:44

My 12 week bub has been a great sleeper from birth (all good things come to an end!), from 10 weeks she has been waking every hour pretty much with what seems to be wind. She is breastfed and I haven't changed my diet, have tried infocol and lots of winding. Just can't work out why she is so restless at night in particular. The Dr said it was because I am eating chocolate (yeah right, whatever doc), so I stopped and it hasn't made a difference. Just need some sleep now so any thoughts would be great. Can't work out why the sudden change. Have skipped a few meals recently but nothing else has changed. Any magic solutions...?

madremia Fri 26-Jun-09 18:44:02

Hi, I have a 14mo formula fed son and i didnt find infacol worked as well for him as dentinox did, you could also try some fennel tea either a weak solution for your dd or try drinking it yourself.

madremia Fri 26-Jun-09 18:44:50

lol. meant to say 14wo!

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