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DD's crying at 6am is waking DS

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mckenzie Sat 14-May-05 09:22:33

DD 9 weeks old and bottle fed, is waking up at about 6am (after having a feed at 10.30pm before we go to bed). While I'm not complaining too much about this (although a 7am wake up would be nicer) she is unfortunately disturbing 4 year old DS. This morning I went in to her quickly, which I dont really want to do, in the hope that she then wouldn't disturb DS but it didn't help. I guess he's in a lighter sleep at that time in the morning and he perhaps is even disturbed by my walking in the hallway (during the middle of the night I could hoover his bedroom and he wouldn't wake).

So, what to do? I gave DD just 2 ounces of milk and she then went back to sleep quite happily but then when she woke again at 7.30am she didn't want any more milk which means she probably wont want to wait until 10.45 for her next feed.

While I'm not religious about following Gina Ford's routine I do find that her feed times and recommendations are very good and I'd like DD to take as much of her milk requirement as possible at her breakfast, late morning and tea time feeds.

Any tips on what to do about the 6am thing? She doesn't take a dummy although she does sometimes manage to get her thumb in (I think that might be why she's crying at 6am but there's not a lot I can do to assist her there. I can put her thumb in but she's too young really isn't she to keep it in for very long?).

compo Sat 14-May-05 09:27:11

I really think you are very lucky to have a baby who sleeps from 10.30pm to 6am at 9 weeks!! I don't think there is anything you can do to 'make' her sleep til 7am. My 13 month old wakesat 6.30am even now!!

bakedpotato Sat 14-May-05 09:36:34

Think Gina has some advice about offering plain water to a baby who wakes too early -- once s/he has reached a certain age/weight/is gaining however many ounces a week. Doesn't she say to treat it as any other night waking? Assume you've got blackout blinds etc.

trix Sat 14-May-05 09:37:40

Do they have a blackout blind?

Muller Sat 14-May-05 09:38:03

I agree with Compo, my 1 year old old wakes at 5.59 am precisely every morning. Whats worse is that we only have 2 bed house so is in our room so we lie in bed listening to a delightful "mary had a little lamb" from the cot toy 2 foot away from my head!

Lets face it - kids get up early - thats what they do!!!

mckenzie Sat 14-May-05 14:15:04

I just think it's such a shame for DS as sometimes he comes out of his room rubbing his eyes asking what's wrong with DD and he so obviously doesn't really want to be awake. I realise now my question was a bit daft as anyone who had the answer would be selling it by the skip load.

We do have blackouts by the way.

compo Sat 14-May-05 14:16:24

it's not daft at all. I hate getting up before 7am!! Your ds might learn to sleep through it eventually, fingers crossed

mckenzie Sat 14-May-05 14:18:44

thanks compo. It's horrible when the clock says 6 something isn't it? even 6.55 makes me a bit miserable but 7am and I will bounce out of bed!!

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