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18 month old with wierd 'cowboy' walk - is this normal?

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Doctorskidaddle Wed 24-Jun-09 16:09:49

DS has been walking since he was 14 months and at first had that wierd John Wayne waddle that lots of babies have. He is now 18.5 months and still has it. I was looking at some other toddlers the other day and noticed all of them had a pretty adult-like walk and also that they were much steadier and faster than DS. He also tries to run but does it with this wierd waddle which means it is incredibly inefficient - barely faster than his walking pace.

So my question is - is this fine and nothing to worry about? Don't want to be a ridiculous overly anxious mother but at the same time if there is something wrong, then obviously don't want to delay any help he might need.


Doctorskidaddle Wed 24-Jun-09 20:57:30


I would worry not, my 17mo also walks as though she has lost her horse, 'tis hilarious, I seem to remember my ds being like this for ages.

Doctorskidaddle Fri 26-Jun-09 09:45:33

thanks WTWTW - think DS's walk is a bit beyond the usual but will wait it out and see...

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