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I'm desperate ......... precocious puberty, lupron injections? anybody tried the implant instead?

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joburg Wed 24-Jun-09 09:42:47

My 6 years old daughter was diagnosed a few days ago with central precocious puberty. The endocrynologist prescribed her the Lupron depot monthly injections which she is supposed to start this weekend! But while surfing around the net i read about other ways like the Histrelin implant. I just started reading about all these but hearing about a way around these injections and thinking about the monthly pain and stress (which would last for at least 4 years for us) i was so hoping some of you could offer some advice ... Anybody have experience with the implant already? Please help!

cazzzz Wed 24-Jun-09 10:03:12


I don't have any experience of this condition I'm afraid - just wanted to add some support.

I have worked my way through one of my kid's asthma diagnosis and treatment and another more obscure condition.

I would say...
1. You are in the diagnosis / fact finding stage of your child's condition at the moment. This is a stressful time, with a pretty much overwhelming feeling of dealing with the unknown.

2. Please be reassured that this phase will pass. You will move into a new phase of "normalcy" for your family. The medications etc will turn into part of your daily routine

3. Kids cope well with medications - painful and unpleasant procedures can often be turned into a "plus" by always following them up with a treat (even as small as a jellybean!) so they know what's coming

4. Don't be afraid to get second opinions for your daughter's treatment from other doctors. Although this will be slightly exausting, you will gain knowledge, and will probably in the end, "find yourself back where you began, but will know it better".

Wishing you lots of luck - I think it will probably all be okay - I'm crossing my fingers for you.

joburg Wed 24-Jun-09 11:52:20

Hi Cazzzz thank you, your words did calm me down ... for now. But i still have to try to find out what to do when she starts the injections, how to explain all these to her, and hopefully find out more about the implant that would ease our lives (as some people say). So if anybody is out there having experience with all these, please let us know ...

BabyValentine Wed 24-Jun-09 12:41:24

Hi joburg,

Sorry to hear about your DD's diagnosis, as cazzzz rightly says, the first few days/weeks follwing a diagnosis are hard - but things WILL get easier to deal with.

I also have no experience of PP, but posting on the Children's Health board might offer more opinions...

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