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tantrum central - help!!!

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bootsmonkey Fri 13-May-05 21:01:50

Ok, this is my third attempt to post this thread as my wireless link keeps dropping. Each time is a slightly different version, but here goes.

Had a very upsetting run in with DD tonight. She has been waking cold for the last couple of nights (5.45am this morning) as she decided that she didn’t want to wear a vest. Tonight I tried to make her wear it. Full on tantrum ensued. I tried persuasion, ignoring, stepping outside the room, shouting (loudly). Etc., etc., Upshot is, she has gone to bed without stories and without a vest.

Now I am usually a follower of the maxim ‘fight the battles that matter’ and this wouldn’t have been one I would have chosen, but it escalated so quickly, that it was upon me almost before I realised it. I also felt that there was a matter of principle at stake in that if I gave in then she learnt that all she has to do is shout and scream if she doesn’t want to do something. I also realise that I am supposed to be the adult and I wasn’t in control of the situation at all…..

So, I feel crap and would like to hear form any other similar situations and how much better I could have handled it!

Thanks for reading
Olympic uphill custard swimmer

bootsmonkey Fri 13-May-05 21:08:22


unicorn Fri 13-May-05 21:11:05

Sorry about exhausting tantrum.. pre bed is always the worse time too.

Perhaps it was not worth getting into a debate re vest... but just put another duvet/quilt over her(when asleep if needs be?)

and stop swimming uphill in the yellow stuff- start drinking it!!!!

bootsmonkey Fri 13-May-05 21:13:28

Prefer red wine it must be said.

I know it wasn't worth it.

She's too light a sleeper to go into her room, have never managed it without waking her.

As an adult I guess you never really wina battle of wills with a 3yo!

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