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10 month old refusing to eat.... Anyone else having or had this problem???

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Becs77 Tue 23-Jun-09 17:37:35

DS was weaned at 5 months and ate almost anything we presented to him....Until a month ago he started to need distraction methods for us to get the spoon in his mouth but this was okay as we'd just give him finger foods and pop in a spoonful here and there and this worked pretty well. The last 2 weeks or so he seems to be eating less and less from a spoon apart from fruit puree and yoghurt. I would be fine with giving him finger foods all the time but he will only eat dry foods such as toast, he also loves fruit as finger food too but most other stuff including veg gets chucked over the side of his chair to the dog! I keep reading all these books on the amount of protein/carbs/veg etc etc he SHOULD be eating but some days he eats next to nothing apart from toast and fruit....I have tried putting puree on toast but he catches on to this quickly and cries then won't eat anything. Do you think if he doesn't eat the savoury part of the meal I should deny him the pudding as you would with an older child? It seems a bit mean considering that's often all he'll eat in a day.....Luckily, he's a big boy (around 22Ib) but i'm getting worried that's it going to effect his growth/health etc. Sorry for long post would LOVE some reassurance that this is just a passing phase!! Thanks x

LittleRascal Tue 23-Jun-09 20:24:52

I could have written the exact thing when my DS was 10 months!!! I used to get anxious, irritable, stressed out, etc!! This just makes it worse!
Firstly- is he cutting any teeth/are any moving up? This is normal. Mine ate toast for a LONG time!!
Tips I can suggest:
1. give him what he wants - at least he is eating. Toast and fruit are pretty good going.

2. Is he on formula? if yes- there is enough vitamins and minerals in there so dont worry
3. look at getting a multivitamin (i used abedec or something like that)
4.good idea with the finger foods- good distraction. I also used to go out places when i fed my ds
5. try giving him the the veg/protein,etc. on half of the spoon and the front half use the sweet fruit puree. gradually decrease this over time f it works
6. the throwing of food over the chair is a NORMAL developmental stage. Cause and effect, learning object permanence, etc
7. persist. dont give up! (apparently they need to taste something 15 times before developing a dislike!!)
8.give him another spoon to start getting him to feed himself
9. dont hover over him when he feeds. wash up or sit next to him not infront of him
10. try get someone else to feed him- this worked a treat!!!!

Hope this helps. It does improve (then happens again! over the next few months!)
Good luckkkkkk!!

burningupinspeed Tue 23-Jun-09 20:27:50

I second everything LittleRascal has said. God it was a horrible time, and just when we were getting smug about what a good eater DS was! Toast and yoghurt were on the menu daily.

This too shall pass...

burningupinspeed Tue 23-Jun-09 20:28:47

Oh and I never withheld pudding, still don't, I don't want DS to think it's a reward for eating something he doesn't want/like

nigglewiggle Tue 23-Jun-09 20:31:39

Just having the same problem with DD (13 months) she has 8 teeth coming through all at once - poor thing. I'm putting it down to this and hoping that it will pass once the teeth are through and a whole new world of chewy food will be open to her!

pollykettlechips Tue 23-Jun-09 21:12:41

I agree with Little Rascal and can vouch for how frustrating it is. In our case, it was DS's teeth (and not just at 10 months, but virtually every time he was teething). We were fairly successfull with Ella pouches. NOt sure I would withhold puddings at this stage - if his wee gums are sore, a nice cold apple puree might be just the ticket. As they say, babies will never go hungry. In a week or so he'll be back to normal, just keep offering him his usual foods, take big deep breaths and remind yourself that this is just a phase.

Becs77 Wed 24-Jun-09 13:04:32

Thanks for all your reassurance and advice! Littlerascal, thanks for taking the time to post your helpful list of tips - made me a lot more relaxed about this phase and realise that I really shouldn't worry too much - yes he is on formula so will be getting nutrition from the milk at least.
Pollykkettlechips - yes the Ella pouches can often be popular and I think you're right about the teething - it looks like he has his front top teeth coming at the mo which could be the answer for loss of appetite....oh well will keep trying and good tip to take a deep breath!!! Thanks x

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