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How do you restrict screen time when you have more than 1 DC?

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sameagain Tue 23-Jun-09 17:13:56

After deciding that DS's behaviour deteriorates markedly the more screen time (PC/Wii/TV) they have, I have been restricting it to 1hr daily on school days, morings only on Sat and none on a Sunday until after tea.

Have to say, both boys have become much more likable and interesting/interested.

DS1 always wants his midweek screen time as soon as home from school- 1 hour on PC. Fine. DS2 is more likely to go in the garden for a while, and is a bigger TV fan.

So today, PC goes off at 4.15, when DS2 announces he wants his screen time - TV on the only TV we have, in the living room. Difficult to ban DS1 from living room, so they've both been watching TV for an hour now - there is a flaw in my plan.

Any ideas?

Fennel Tue 23-Jun-09 17:18:43

How old are they? We have a similar restriction (but it includes other screen time as well as TV) and the 3 dds have to negotiate it between themselves, they can watch at separate times but that only works if the others aren't in the room at the time, or they all start watching.

generally they agree between themselves quite well. They take turns choosing what to watch.

if there's a problem, the TV goes off. and if there's argument, it goes away for a week. Hence we don't get much arguing.

posieparker Tue 23-Jun-09 17:23:01

They could have alternate days.....
Or if one of my has a TV ban (which is most of the time as they have to earn the TV) I make the other help me wherever I am....

This is mainly theoretical!!!!

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