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How soon can you tell if a child is going to be left handed?

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FionaJT Fri 13-May-05 20:04:15

Hi, I'm just curious about this as my dd is 18 weeks, and it's been noticable that she does everything (batting at toys, then grabbing, finding her feet) first and most confidently with her left hand. Now she's started sucking her thumb and it's her left too (I'm a right hander and I definately sucked my right thumb ) - do you think I've got a little leftie or is it too early to say?

ambrosia Fri 13-May-05 20:08:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

piffle Fri 13-May-05 20:10:46

My dd and my brother both sucked their left thumbs and were right handed
My son is left handed and it was obvious very very early, I have just checked my plunket (NZ) book and I said it his 3 mth check that he was def lefthanded and it has been so!

GeorginaA Fri 13-May-05 20:10:55

I'm a right hander and always sucked my left thumb

Curious to find out the answer though, as ds2 seems to favour the left for grabbing things...

Mud Fri 13-May-05 20:19:07

babies are ambidextrous

I would say not until they're 3 or 4

Janh Fri 13-May-05 20:19:21

DS2 used to use his left hand much more as a baby and toddler, but evolved into a righty. Can't remember when though.

ambrosia Fri 13-May-05 20:30:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coppertop Fri 13-May-05 20:48:13

Ds2 is 2.3yrs and has always been left-handed so far. I suppose it's possible that he may yet switch hands but it's not looking very likely. He's never sucked his thumb though so I have no idea about that one!

suedonim Fri 13-May-05 20:49:16

I suspected strongly that my dd's were going to be left-handed by the time they were about 15mths. I remember dd2 at around 9mths picking things up with her left hand. Didn't notice it so early with dd1, probably because I wasn't looking for it! Apparently, the direction their head lies when asleep, ie to L or R, is a good indicator.

expatinscotland Fri 13-May-05 20:49:27

our DD is nearly 23 months and still swapping hands. i am left-handed for writing and eating only. dh is completely right-handed.

hotmama Fri 13-May-05 20:52:02

Apparently, they swap all the time for the first few years. My dp is left-handed and is desperate that dd turns out left-handed - but what will be will be.

piffle Fri 13-May-05 21:07:51

if you enquire at the left handed society there are checklists for what type of left handedness your chold has
It involved which hand or foot they use for spontaneous choices
ds is left handed in the extreme -can't even pick his nose with his right hand and trust me if he could he'd have both fingers there!
But he is rightfooted and right handed guitar player and cricket player.
That said he'd 2nd me in saying sport isn't his strong point But he's very arty and sensitive

PrincessPeahead Fri 13-May-05 21:09:38

my ds swapped around until 19mths when he started using his lh for everything. he is now 4.5 and has remained completely left handed (and left footed - can't kick at all with his right).
I think 18 wks is probably too early

milosmum Fri 13-May-05 21:17:02

they say you cant tell until they are about 2 but with my ds i know at about 8months. as you ve said everything he did was with his left hand. The doctor also told me if they sick their thumb or fingers- then that is the favoured hand and my ds sucked his left fingers. hes now 4 and has had no problem with being left handed infact he is ahead of his piers with the writing and reading.

hotmama Fri 13-May-05 21:18:17

DP will be sooo happy - dd always has her left hand rammed down her throat!

bettythebuilder Fri 13-May-05 21:41:18

Dd (2.4) can't seem to decide whether she is l or r handed - sometimes she scribbles with a pencil in each hand!Seems both l and r footed for our footie games, and as confused as me with a knife and fork!(I am r handed for writing but l handed for sport ie cricket and golf). If she has no overall preference, would it be better to push right-handedness a bit more?you know, put the pencil in her r hand? I know myself that it is much easier to be right handed-(you try buying ladies left handed golf clubs!)

pixel Fri 13-May-05 21:43:40

When my dd had her 3yr check the hv was adamant that she was left-handed. I protested that she used both hands but she wouldn't have it. When she started proper writing guess what? she was completely right-handed and has been ever since!

kid Fri 13-May-05 21:50:21

I think DD was about 2 when we knew she was left handed. DS is also left handed which we noticed around 1.

DH and I are both right handed.

essbee Sat 14-May-05 00:06:14

Message withdrawn

Distel Sat 14-May-05 00:10:34

DD is 3 and we have known for a while that she is left handed (probebly a year - 18 months) She did everything with her left hand - eating, drawing, thumb sucking and holding hands were the most obvious ones.

sparklymieow Sat 14-May-05 00:10:42

DD1 is nearly 5 and still is ambidextrous. She has CP and they said this has affected the ways she uses her hands, still not sure if she is left or right handed...

bubblerock Sat 14-May-05 00:16:01

We could tell DS1 was left handed from really early on - he's also left footed which DH is really chuffed about!?! DS2 (18m) is right handed which i'm really glad about as it's been a struggle with DS1's writing at school.

milge Sat 14-May-05 00:23:54

DS is 2.7 mo and is only just obvious that he prefers his left to his right, by about 60:40 - feeds, kicks, draws, and points with his left, dh and I are lefties, so i guess he's decided.

ssd Sat 14-May-05 07:41:43

I noticed really early on my ds2 holds things and reaches out with his left hand.

Does anyone think this'll cause any writing/ cutting etc. problems later?

elastamum Sun 15-May-05 08:36:58

My DH and I are lefthanded. Both our boys are righthanded. DS1 was left handed for the first couple of years ans then switched at nursey school. Im not convinced he is truly right handed as he is left footed and uses both hands for racquet sports. His handwriting is also not great, but he seems to have made his mind up! I dont thing being left handed is a problem, children just have to choose what is most comfortable.

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