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Hughsie Sun 04-May-03 08:58:06

ds1 whos is just over two and obsessed with the Teletubbies seems to think that the colours are the names of the t's Everything red is Po everything yellow is La-la etc. Should I be concerned or just glad he has made the connection?
- We obviously do tell him the colours as well and he does pick the right thing up when asked to get the red one for instance.

Oakmaiden Sun 04-May-03 09:26:03

I wouldn't worry about it - as long as he gets to hear the right names for the colours sometimes he will eventually use the name everyone else uses.

SoupDragon Sun 04-May-03 09:35:08

Just keep saying, "Yes, Po is red" or "Yes, that's red like Po" and he'll get it right. You're right - it's good that he's made the connection.

edgarcat Sun 04-May-03 11:34:38

Message withdrawn

Hughsie Sun 04-May-03 11:55:25

If the bar man is his generation he will understand immediately!

bayleaf Sun 04-May-03 12:56:00

In the What to Expect books colours seem to be expected really late - something like 4 colours at 2.5 ( For once I was thinking Way hey - my daughter's gifted!!!)so don't worry yet!

jasper Sun 04-May-03 13:23:52

Hughsie my kids did this too and so do lots of their friends.

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