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5 week old- how much sleep?

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yawningprincess Mon 22-Jun-09 20:23:09

Hi- I have a 5 week old dd who wakes at 7am and stays awak until 10amish then has an hour nap before feed. She then sleeps practically all day apart for feeds and there is no way of keeping her awake. She sleeps from her 7pm feed wakes for 11pm and then wakes about 4pm for a further feed, going back down without a blip.

I know that people will probably think I am very lucky, but my dd1 who is 16 months now was never like this. She would be awake more in the day but be a nightmare to get down, we would have to put the hair drydryer on, washing machine etc.. I try and make the feeds different and try stimulation with toys/walks etc, even my screaming toddler haring around doesn't rouse her- do I just have a very contented baby who likes a sleep??!

There isn't anything wrong is there?

yawningprincess Mon 22-Jun-09 20:23:45

I meant 4am!!!

Chuffinknackered Sat 27-Jun-09 14:01:44

you are just freakin lucky!

GhostOfPsychomum5 Sat 27-Jun-09 14:24:19

nothing wrong, just a different child with different needs.

appreciate it

theoptimist Sat 27-Jun-09 20:39:44

My dd's 8 weeks old and has had days like you describe. But then she's had days when she hardly sleeps too. I wouldn't worry about it - enjoy the peace for now. A friend's mum told me how her son slept for months and he had to be woken for feeds. There was nothing wrong with him at all.

alibaabaa Sat 27-Jun-09 21:40:52

Exactly the same here. DD1 was demanding, whereas DD2 is a dream - I am just enjoying every second of it. Same as above, diferent children, different behaviour.

shellki Sun 28-Jun-09 09:51:36

I had this until a few weeks ago, and now dd2 sleeps a lot less and is difficult to settle - when they are small things change so often that its probably just a phase!

purepurple Sun 28-Jun-09 10:03:41

they are all different
enjoy it while it lasts
she will probably change again in a few weeks time

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