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off on hol with 1 yr old what do i do with feeding, bottles ect???

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hollygiz1 Mon 22-Jun-09 20:18:01

just wondered its the first time abroad to majorca with our daughter shes just turned 1, what do I do about steralising if have to and what water do I use for her milk and to drink??

moomaa Mon 22-Jun-09 20:21:16

I wouldn't bother sterilising and I would just use local full fat milk in a beaker. Not sure about water though.

wonderingwondering Mon 22-Jun-09 20:25:35

I took milk powder, as it is easier to transport that to the beach and days out. Evian is low-sodium and so suitable for babies, and if you buy a bottle at the airport you'll be able to see which of the local bottled waters have similarly low levels of sodium.

I wouldn't bother sterilising as she'll probably eat her own body weight in sand, but a couple of Milton tabs are quite good if you wanted to sterilise the teats/dummies every now and then (1 tablet for 5litres of tap water, I think, and it lasts 24 hours).

alfie26 Tue 23-Jun-09 14:05:49

no need to sterilise, wash with tap water and washing up liquid. but full fat milk and make up as u need unlesss you want to store in fridge as we did.
buy a travel bottle cooler from mothercare or boots which can hold 1 or 2 bottles if your going out for day, and keeps them cool.

my dd used to have her lunch one in a beaker and we bought a normal flask which we filled with hot water b4 we went out for day or evening times so we had the water to heat up bottle.
also mothercare do a fab thing which is a flask and a holder to put bottle in to heat saves you having to ask for jugs or water and you can be in the middle of nowhere and not worry bout baby getting fed.
my dd would never take cold milk out for her morning or night feed so this helped.

by the way menorca is a fab place to take kids and they are lots of very clean and nice restuarants and play areas, we r going again nxt yr.

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