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6.30pm shrieking!

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heron22 Mon 22-Jun-09 19:35:03

Hi All

my LO is nearly 6 months old. he has a feed at 6pm and then off to bed dozy. it started yesterday. after his feed, he dozed off and after about 15 mins or so, he starts shrieking and crying for no apparent reason!
took about 20 mins for him to settle back to sleep.
it happened again tonight.

nothing has changed with his routine. other than this, he is a happy healthy baby (touch wood!)

i remember DS1 going through a phase where he just wanted to cry! nothing i did made any difference.

with my LO, when i picked him up he was still upset. i put him back down and he basically just stopped crying on his own.

any ideas what is going on?

it absolutely cuts me to pieces when i hear him cry! my heart just sinks!

Crossleggedmoose Tue 23-Jun-09 16:55:11

My DD is now 15 months and whilst she generally goes to bed well without any external aids and stays asleep, there have been times when she has suddenly started crying and yelling after being quiet for 5-10 mins.

What I have discovered is that sometimes she is just crying out for attention and when I go into the room, she immediately stops crying. I have now worked out what her protesting cry is and will not go into the room. She usually stops after 5-10 mins and falls asleep.

Other times, she is genuinely upset by something and sounds really distressed. I find that she just needs a bit of comfort so I pick her up, check her nappy, give her a quick cuddle and then put her back to bed. She might protest a bit more but is usually asleep again.

When my DD has a cold or is unwell, she also takes longer to fall asleep and cries out or even screams. I have to pat her to calm her down and it has taken up to 45 mins for her to fall asleep.

I have to admit that there are a few occasions when I haven't got a clue why she is crying and usually find that after a day or two, she sorts herself out and gets back to her normal routine!

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