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5 year old pinching cheeks at school

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angelbutterfly Mon 22-Jun-09 13:28:34

lovely child at home. At school has been in trouble on and off since nursery for hitting ect but at the mo its serious as he's been pinching kids cheeks or scratching and has been told in no uncertain terms how wrong it is (toys taken away, no tv, no choc, even night in bedroom)disciplined at school and at home and he doesen't seem to care. Always been a real character with lots of freinds but at partys he's always the 1 to misbehave. Even school assemblys he won't behave.Teacher agrees with me it is his character and will not just grow out of it.

Wonderstuff Mon 22-Jun-09 21:47:20

You and the school have to work together, and it sounds like you are. I would recommend having a clear consequence for bad behaviour, eg no TV. Let the school know what is happening at home so they can discuss this with ds, and he knows that you are working together. More importantly I would have a praise system. If he does XYZ during the day then he gets something, sticker/favorite program/trip to the park at the weekend?? When he sees how proud you are when he is good at school then he will want to be good. Praise much more effective than punishment imo.

I disagree with the teacher, 5 is very young he may be naturally spirited, but not naturally badly behaved. He will become more mature and better able to control himself and see consequences. But I do think setting clear rules now will pay dividends in years to come.

If he is naughty at parties maybe it is a problem with lack of boundaries? or lots of children? Maybe discuss with him what is expected or why he plays up?

I hth. I don't have much experience with 5yos but teach secondary in a challenging school.

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