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too busy to eat - argh!

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chelseamorning Mon 22-Jun-09 13:23:01

Mealtimes for my 2.8 DS, especially breakfast, are becoming a bit of an issue.

He wakes me up early saying he's hungry. We go downstairs and he starts playing with his toys while I make breakfast. Eventually he comes to the table but then won't eat very much. Some mornings he barely has more than a yogurt, or a few pieces of toast, as he just wants to go and play. I've tried offering him the food he likes, rather than what I think he ought to have, but he just messes about at the table doing everything apart from eating (singing, kicking the table, 'I just want to talk, mummy'...). Argh!!! It stresses me out every morning. Yes, yes, I know I shouldn't show it but sometimes it's hard.

Also, he seems to have become very lazy at eating. He's never been one to pick up food with his hands (he's a neat freak) but is very adept at using his cutlery. However, recently he'll sit in front of his food and will ask to be 'helped', which means basically feeding him. He'll eat everything on his plate if we only fed him like a baby (I tried in once).

He's generally a 'big boy' and is able to put his sandals and slippers on himself. He was even a doddle recently to potty train and just loves having a wee/poo on the toilet ('Ready, mummy!).

What's going on here?! Anyone having similar issues?

Any advice please? Should I just give him his favourite foods and adopt a 'he'll eat it if he's hungry' attitude?

chelseamorning Mon 22-Jun-09 14:47:03


AMumInScotland Mon 22-Jun-09 15:28:02

I'd stop him from playing with his toys till he's eaten. Could you leave everything ready the night before, so he can sit up at table and have only a very short wait for the food to arrive?

Also, I'd stop helping him unless he actually needs you to deal with something tricky. AFAIK, normal healthy children do not starve themselves - if the options are eating or being hungry, he'll not stay hungry for long. If the choices are putting the effor in himself, or getting you to do it for him, that's different!

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