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DS 3 seems to be in charge in our house - feeling stressed!

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LittleBears Sun 21-Jun-09 22:29:33

My DS who has just turned 3 seems to have lost all desire to listen to reason/do as he is told. He tells me he will only use the toilet and nursery and tells nursery he will only do it at home; he finds endless excuses to pop in and out of bed, although he clearly knows his routine - this evening he finally dropped off at 9.30pm; He will eat most things at nursery but at home is never hungry for anything sensible but always finds space for yogurt/biscuits/icecream/raisins which if he is able to he will help himself to; Whilst I appreciate it is nice for him to be independent/confident etc how do I let him know that enough is enough without feeling like an evil witch?

juuule Sun 21-Jun-09 22:35:28

Sounds like he is reasoning quite well wink

He also sounds quite a normal 3yo. He knows what he wants to do and what he likes and is just letting people know

Time for you to explain your reasoning to him and see how he takes it. You've got a job on your hands to be convincing to him.

Doozle Sun 21-Jun-09 22:37:54

I think a lot of this is normal at this age, testing out the boundaries.

DD is a bossy little one who likes to call the shots. Most of the time we go with it and hope she'll grow out of it. Couple of things which have helped us and may be useful.

1) We moved all snacks to a high cupboard so she couldn't help herself. Her appetite for main meals soon picked up when she realised she wasn't getting lots of other biscuits/crackers/raisins whenever she felt like it.

2) We have a strict stay in her room policy at bedtime. She doesn't have to go to sleep but she has to stay in her room and read til she falls asleep. If she comes out of her rom, she goes straight back in.

You're not being witch, just giving him some limits smile

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