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What does your 2.6 yr old DD like doing?

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BiscuitStuffer Sun 21-Jun-09 22:08:57

I suddenly feel as if we're a bit sparse on the toy front for her but I'm sure we're not really. I need inspiring on things that I can create for her to do AT HOME, rather than toys to buy.

Currently we do:

Wrapping 'baby' up in various blankets
Baby's buggy
Train set
drawing / painting / 'writing' / sticking
Jumping on the 'big bed'
Tea Parties
'Washing up'
Little bag

Scooter / park / local farm / local library
(usually pop out twice a day)

EBenes Sun 21-Jun-09 22:22:56

What's 'little bag'? It sounds like you do absolutely tons! I sometimes get ideas from Mister Maker. She's just started doing pretend play with her toys, making them have conversations with each other (great, because involves me less) and doing jigsaws (involves me more).

SazzlesA Sun 21-Jun-09 22:31:15

Message withdrawn

BiscuitStuffer Sun 21-Jun-09 22:43:49

oh yes we do also do mushroom cutting and eating, 10 month old bashing grin and water measuring!!! Also digging in the garden and making mud and dancing to dreadful nursery rhymes playing very loudly out of our ipod.

I do like the hula hoop and blackboard ideas!!!!!

loveandpeace Sun 21-Jun-09 23:39:25

Hi my dd's favourite games at the moment are 1- shops, we set up a shop with various packets/tins from our kitchen cupboards and she is the shop keeper using her ELC till and money. Although she has being using REAL! money recently which is great for teaching them coin values and basic maths.

2- polly pockets. She loves putting the rubber clothes on and off, great for fine motor skills. We got a great bundle of these from an NCT sale

3- Trying on all mummys shoes and beads!!

4- Paint brush and jar of water painting the garden fence and outside of house.

5- loves painting any box, yogurt pot, tub etc

6- Blowing her own bubbles

7-Making tents/camps with sheet and pegs inside and outside

8- Her absoulute favourite game of all, thanks to a present from a friend is playing with lip glosses and a mirror- hours of amuesment, much to my disgust to start with!! Its very messy though more on her face than on lips, need lots of wipes on hand!!

BiscuitStuffer Mon 22-Jun-09 21:14:55

ooooh now shops that's a good idea. Do you use full packets and tins?

we do have some lip gloss that came with a magazine but DH confiscated it. perhaps I'll get it out for her tomorrow!

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