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Bedtimes getting rather crowded these days...

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OracleInaCoracle Sun 21-Jun-09 19:21:44

following on from the imaginary friends thread, ds's bedtime routine is as follows:

ds reads me a story
i read ds a story
i then say goodnight to 12" qui-gon-jin doll. 12" Queen Amidala doll. teddy bear the teddy bear. ds and ben (his imaginary friend)im not allowed to sit on his bed in case i squash ben. i have to kiss them all goodnight. and ensure they are all tucked in and cuddled up.

takes me fecking ages. at this rate he'll need a double bed!

frasersmummy Sun 21-Jun-09 19:43:07

We do a prayer every night that says

this night I lay me down to sleep
I give the lord my soul to keep
angels watch me through the night
and wake me up at god's first light

then we say god bless....

and we have about 5 names inc parents, grandparents etc

but recently I have had to teddy bear names and his imaginary friend included... but what can you do???

littleducks Sun 21-Jun-09 19:45:48

better hope dd doesnt pick up on this

she has temporary imaginery friends (i think charlie and lola inspired)

and about 15 soft tooys lined up on her bed but i dont have to kiss them, they are hers and she has to sort them out properly (they all need the blanket over just feet, im too slap dash)

OracleInaCoracle Mon 22-Jun-09 08:31:52

pmsl, glad its not just me then!

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