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eating issues 3.2 year old ds

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tryingherbest Sun 21-Jun-09 14:56:36

ds never that interested in food - a whole list of things he won't touch weather they be items or the way they're cooked. But does love fruit. I've around this by using a juicer so he gets at least some vitamins - but normal eating seems to be drying up and although I'm not showing him I'm concerned, I AM.

The only things he'll eat are pasta (sometimes), pizza and chips (sometimes) and the skin of chicken!

Is this absolutely normal?

Today he said he wanted chicken and chips- gave him chicken and chips - didn't touch it - got hungry wanted fruit- didn't want that either - also just wants more milk - he's reverting back to pre-weaning.

His behaviour has also changed - he's now very very ratty and hits me and is generally rude which is a first for him.

The only real thing to change recently is that we've potty trained him (it was all fine) but he's a bit contipated.

Any ideas

poshtottie Sun 21-Jun-09 17:14:47

I think it is considered normal at this age. My ds is 3 next month and it has steadily got worse.

He has a few chosen foods that he will eat and I have been advised to give him what he likes and supplement with vitamins.

My ds won't eat any fruit except bananas and I give him the innocent fruit smoothies. He ate a lentil dish today (something which he ate since he was a baby) but granny fed him but sometimes he just won't eat.

I find it very frustrating as he won't even try anything new unless it is a new kind of biscuit then he seems to have no problem. hmm

He also likes a lot of milk but I try to limit it as it ruins his appetite.

I kept a behaviour diary and noticed when ds was hungry and tired his behaviour is worse. He has also started nipping and slapping me.

poshtottie Sun 21-Jun-09 17:16:03

Though I say it is normal, I know plenty of 3 year olds who eat everything so maybe it would be better to say not uncommon.

sarah293 Sun 21-Jun-09 17:20:16

Message withdrawn

bubblagirl Sun 21-Jun-09 17:30:26

my ds went through phase of only eating toast or bread and butter i did take him to gp regarding constipation though as this really affected his behaviour we were given lactulose so could be worth going and getting something if his holding it in wont do him any good mood or eating wise

apart from that just keep offering new things and pick your battles my ds is 4 and back to eating very well we dont do confrontation at meal times he gets a choice if he doesn't eat it he gets toast before bed i wont give him nothing or he wakes all night

but the phase passed just ignore it best you can and give what he will eat with added extra on the side to try but dont worry if doesnt try it but do get constipation seen to first before he gets more blocked

dinkystinky Sun 21-Jun-09 17:51:35

My DS1 also 3 is pretty similar - he eats what he likes but will only pick at other things or not eat it at all. If your DS likes fruit, up the fruits (prunes, plums, pears are good) to try to help get his poos moving. Re the other foods - maybe get him to help in the kitchen making meals - my DS1 loves making bagel pizzas (he basically eats all the toppings while we're making the pizza) and muffins and fairy cakes and is starting to - to try to encourage an interest in food. One thing we've found really helped with DS1 was taking him to farmers markets and food fairs - he'll try something different at places like that (first tried goats cheese, blue cheese, olive, chorizo etc.) and generally likes it in a no-stress take it or leave it type environment like that.

tryingherbest Sun 21-Jun-09 21:08:46


Great advice. I was feeling really low today when he wouldn't even eat his fruit. The fact that his routine (which was no naps and asleep by 7pm) has been out of kilter since bloody Easter when we went to see mil and then she came back here to our tiny flat on an open ticket. He's got into bad sleeping habits (bed at 10.30pm!!) and he's knackered, I know. He's also being quite horrible to me. I don't suppose he's being that horrible but I'm a first time mum and he was the EASIEST kid - slept throught the night from word go and has always been smiley. I think I've been a bit complacent.

Good to hear that others also have this. I think it might also be a bit to do with he had almost no tantrums 2-3 and perhaps they are delayed. But, god, he's pushing all the buttons.

I've got him some lactulose - he is constipated - so I'm taking it easy and just hydrating him and not worrying too much about breakfast and lunch but ensuring he has lots of afternoon activity so he's workjed up a hunger.

We'll get there - thanks so much - feel a bit more prepared now!!!

MavisGrind Sun 21-Jun-09 21:16:59

I feel your pain! My ds1 (also 3.2) has always been a rubbish eater but recently his diet has narrowed down to raw carrots and not much else. Trying not to get too stressed about it but it is hard smile.

I've tried everything with him; family mealtimes, involving him with shopping/food prep, I think I just have to accept it's a phase and supplement with multi vitamins....just don't ask me to pretend broccoli are little trees, that's rubbish and I found it doesn't work!

poshtottie Mon 22-Jun-09 17:02:07

Just out of interest, has anyone had a referral to a nutritionist?

I have had ds at the doctors on three occasions regarding this topic and I am getting nowhere. Doctor just says that ds could survive on yogurt for at least a year.

gio71 Tue 23-Jun-09 09:04:46

I took ds (2.5) to our pediatrician the other week about the same issue. He has gone from being the child who would eat everything to refusing anything that isn't plain pasta or rice (will also eat yoghurts and wants loads of milk). The pediatrician said it is totally normal and to continue giving him what he wants and keep offering a bit of whatever we are eating , the idea being he won't feel pressurised to eat that and will gradually start eating other things. He had some chicken from my plate the other day and I nearly cried smile
Basically I wouldn't worry, her advice was if they are growing and seem healthy then they probably are. If you can sneak in anything with the foods he likes (DS has pasta mixed with egg yolk and parmesan to give him protein and calcium for example) then do that but otherwise don't worry.

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