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Help..Walking on toes

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daintydinah Sun 21-Jun-09 02:41:13

My grandson of 14 months is walking around with the aid of holding each hand..but stay on his tip toes all the time..the only time he puts his full foot down is when he stands still...i think this is because he was left in his Walker for long periods of time. Has anyone experienced the same problem? more importantly will he grow out of it? and should we be seeing someone about it.

CarmenSanDiego Sun 21-Jun-09 02:56:28

There's a useful website <A HREF="">here</A> about toe walking.

I'm not a health professional but my gut instinct is that if that's the only symptom, it's likely just one of those things and he'll grow out of it.

My grandmother nagged me a lot about one of my daughter's walking 'bow-legged'

Please, please don't blame your grandson's parents for being in his walker too long. It's unlikely that caused it and will just cause stress over something that he'll most likely get over.

He should have regular development checks with a health visitor anyway, shouldn't he? So if there is a problem it should get caught there.

CarmenSanDiego Sun 21-Jun-09 02:57:03

Ew, some awful typing there. I apologise for the unnecessary apostrophe!

CarmenSanDiego Sun 21-Jun-09 02:58:25

Oh god, and I apologise for the link too. Let me try again.


CarpePerDiems Sun 21-Jun-09 02:59:22

Mention it to the health visitor because it can be a symptom of other things.

Don't worry too much, though. There is something called idiopathic toe-walking where there are no other symptoms.

My grandfather, father, me and DS are all idiopathic toe-walkers. It can cause some problems with balance and can result in shortened Achilles tendons, which can lead to hip or back pain long term. The best professional advice for your grandson would come from a paediatric podiatrist.

pranma Sun 21-Jun-09 15:39:23

My dgs did this when he first leared to walk and we were woried as another dgs has asd and toe walking can be a symptom but not on its own.dgs is now 2.8 and a brighter bonnier child you couldnt hope for-and he only stands on tip toe if asked to.Dont worry one little bit.Mention to hv but I am sure it is ok.

daintydinah Tue 23-Jun-09 01:00:07

Thank you so much for your comments, and a special thank you to CarmenSandiego found the link very interesting. I will try and suggest to my son to have his son checked over by doctor.

buy1get1free Tue 23-Jun-09 12:10:03

This may sound bizarre, but my friends little boy did this. He was very constipated and she took hi to a cranial osteopath who said this was why he walked on his toes - something to do with 'blockage in bowel'. He massaged the lower back and abdomen and hey presto, he was off his tippy toes and the rest was sorted too. Just came to mind when I read the title of your thread.

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