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DD, 11 months is scared of water and won't have a bath.

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lagaanisace Sat 20-Jun-09 23:30:06

I have 2 older boys aged 6 & 4, so she's the third and I've not had so much time to linger over baths - lots of washes instead blush.

Nonetheless, she was ok with having baths until about a month ago when she saw her big brother pour water over his own head. He wasn't in the least bit distressed - he does it all the time - but she was, and I've been unable to bath her since. She even gets upset at the sight of the water in the sink I use to wash her.

She's quite a tough little thing in other ways and puts up with loads from her big bruvs with plenty of smiles.

Ideas, anyone?

Mousey84 Sat 20-Jun-09 23:52:44

Do you actually put her in the sink or use a face cloth? What about a tiny bit of water in a bowl and top and tail her for a bit. Let her see her siblings playing in the bath, but ensure theres no hint that she has to get in.

lagaanisace Sun 21-Jun-09 10:11:04

I tried to put her in the sink, but she wasn't having it, so now it's just a face cloth. I see your point, though. Maybe we should step right back from the issue for a while and not force it.

Her bruvs love baths, so just watching them would be a good idea.


GreenMonkies Sun 21-Jun-09 10:13:20

Have you tried getting in with her?

I'd also step back and let her chill over it, have her in the bathroom when her brothers are in the bath, buy some bath toys she'll want to play with and wait for her to want to get in.

Good luck!

lagaanisace Sun 28-Jun-09 22:28:25

Since I posted here I

1) made no attempt to bathe her, didn't even hint at it, until today.

2) let DD too and fro in the bathroom while DS 1&2 were having fun in the bath.

3) got in with her today and was really laid-back.

Result! She bathed with no tears - a comlete u-turn!

So, thanks you two - I merged the advice from both of you and it worked.

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