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Our 3 month son doesnt cry when he is hungry anymore?!

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hemjo1 Sat 20-Jun-09 11:51:53


we are rather concerned as our ds doesnt cry when he is hungry anymore? we have been on a 4 hour feed schedule and was fine, we had read the signs when he was hungry, tired, needed winding etc...we used Dunstan DVD). However for the last two weeks he has not been so communicative. we dont know if its because he has been stimulated too much? He sleeps ok at night but is hard to get down during the day. We thought that if he sleeps well then he eats well after. But that has not been the case as even after a good two huor nap and its time for feeding he only take a few ounces and doesnt even cry for it. He has started to babble a lot though! As soon as we put the bib on he realises he hungry and cries, its as if we have to cue him?! Its got us really this normal? Is it just a phase, he has been congested for 1 week and he does have a cold as well so that could be the reason??!

any advice is greatly needed...many thanks in advance for any help or suggestions

lljkk Sat 20-Jun-09 12:10:22

I think you're over-analyzing. He sounds fine. Just changing as he grows, he will need more direct (not just feeding) interaction with you as he gets bigger.

envy27 Sat 20-Jun-09 12:10:28

Hi there - my 6 month old stopped crying for her milk some months ago. She doesn't drink a lot of milk but she's just not a very hungry baby. I feed every 4 hours - from 7am to 11pm. She drinks what she needs from as little as 80mls to 210mls per feed. She never cries for her milk - but is gaining weight fine and hv/doctor have both said she is fine and will drink whatever she needs. So I wouldn't worry too much and also having a cold makes them eat less - we often lose our appetites when we are congested so they do too. I would suggest that you don't worry about it and just continue as you are and keep an eye on his weight.

hemjo1 Sat 20-Jun-09 12:21:09

hi thanks for the replies, yes guess we are over analyzing a bit. As long as he does eat something then its fine. He is growing up and wants to interact very much at this stage, maybe too much sometimes to the extent he gets overstimulated! But thats part of his nature. But thanks again for your help and advice...

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