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How do I stop dd (4 yrs) from spitting....

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shhhh Fri 19-Jun-09 14:54:42

Well, when I say spitting I don't mean "spitting at others or onto the floor" etc BUT more of a rolling of spit in her mouth or spitting out of her mouth then sucking it back in iykwim.

She is coping a lad in preschool (I know, she's told me..he happens to be our neighbour) and I have told her that if the lads m&d were to see him do it they would not be happy..she agrees..I tell her im not happy and if she continues to do it I will take something away.

She is still doing it..BUT then again, im not following through with punishment as it seems such a small thing iykwim...

what do I do..? am I now at the stage when I have to disipline with removal of things..?

Just been to soft play area and I watched her doing it ALOT it looks bloody awful sad.

bubblagirl Fri 19-Jun-09 15:07:56

yes take something away and tell her she can earn it back by not spitting it may have become a habit for her to do this maybe the sharp shock may make her break the habit

shhhh Fri 19-Jun-09 15:26:17

thanks BG, im usually quite "zero tollerance" when it comes to behaviour and follow through with threats BUT don't know why I don't with this..sad.

Maybe as it seems such a quick thing she does and doesn't really harm anyone and maybe a habit...BUT IMO all reasons to stop it...

Mainly as it looks so bad...

Will try punishment. x

bubblagirl Fri 19-Jun-09 15:30:23

just look at it not so much as punishment but a learning curve if good she'll get the benefits of feeling good earning her things back

Rosesinautumn Fri 19-Jun-09 15:32:40

This is a bit unorthadox but I let my boys do this kind of thing in the bath, however the rule is they can only do it in the bath and it's not appropriate anywhere else. My reasoning is that it lets them get it out of their system (My boys seem to NEED to be disgusting) but they know where the boundries are. I usually make my two yr old sit on my knee for a couple of mins if he does it in public (worlds worst punishment apparently) and my four year old would get a privalige taken away although he's never done it in public (so far). I think they usually get bored of these kind of things once the novelty has worn off and it's best not to draw too much attention to it as this can make it a 'great way to wind mum up' and prolong the behaviour.

shhhh Fri 19-Jun-09 15:37:05

I agree with it being a novelty..and I try and not make to much off it and try and reprimand her after seeing her doing it a couple of times...

I know what you mean about getting it out of their system..we are also going through a "poo poo head, wee wee head, pump trump etc " stage atm and sadly ds (2 is copying..sad.

I have ignored it on occasions, said she can say it BUT in the appropriate place (toilet) or told her off etc..not working so far..maybe taking things away with this and the spitting may

See, I don't want her to think "pumping" is wrong BUT want her to say it when appropriate. Ie when she does punp grin and not in the middle of the shops as she calls ds a pump trump head for the billionth time..usually results in a slanging match between dd and ds "No you are a pump trump head, no you are one" and Im sat red faced inbetween...blush

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