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When do toddlers stop toddling?

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Moomin Fri 02-May-03 22:05:57

Probably a silly question, but anyway...
Dd has been walking for 5 months and she started aged 15 months. We've been taking her for longer walks on reins recently and she's gaining confidence but still seems quite "toddley". My neighbour's dd is 1 month older and started walking at 11m. She walks and runs very securely and has lost her toddle quite a while back. Dd is also not very good at running and is still quite stumbley sometimes. I'm not particularly worried, BTW, as I'm sure she is developing normally, I'm just curious as to what others have noticed about their dds and dss and when they became confident and graceful walkers!

Chinchilla Fri 02-May-03 22:13:31

My ds has been walking confidently for 4 months, but still looks like he has had 5 pints

WedgiesMum Fri 02-May-03 22:22:16

Confident and graceful eh?? DS aged 4 is like an elephant on speed, nothing graceful there. He was really wobbly for about a year though (started walking at 13 months) as he's really tall and had trouble coordinating long arms and legs.

janh Sat 03-May-03 10:47:50

Mmmm, confident and graceful makes me laugh too, my DDs are 21 and 18 and I'm still waiting for graceful!

DD2 was a v late walker - 19 months - and when she started her elbows were bent and her hands permanently up by her shoulders, like bike stabilisers - kind of a waddle with wings.

It took months (can't remember how many), as her hands gradually lowered, before she walked "normally". It was really sweet and we missed it when she stopped doing it!

Chinchilla Sat 03-May-03 10:53:56

janh - mine used to wave his hands in the air as he walked. Along with the drunken wobble, he looked just like an orangutang walking! Dh used to follow him, copying the walk, and it had me in hysterics! Now he power walks. A friend called it 'purposeful', which is a polite way of saying that he is into everything very speedily!

SoupDragon Sat 03-May-03 11:00:59

DS2 (26 months) has only just started to bend his legs when he runs. At least I think he used to run with his legs straight - it certainly looked very odd indeed!! He also has only 2 speeds - running or flat on his face.

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