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18 month old aggressive with other kids

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Gargula Fri 19-Jun-09 11:52:44

I'm after some advice about my DS. He is getting quite aggressive in groups with other kids. He doesn't hit but often pushes, snatches toys etc, and sometimes literally hugs kids to the floor.
Spoke to HV who said it's a phase (which I'm sure it is but weirdly no other child seems to be going through it in the groups we go to) and to give him time-out, which I feel he is way to young for.
At the moment I'm just leaping up like a loon and trying to take him away quickly and calmy, giving minimum attention etc.
Anyone out there have a magic cure??

magnolia74 Fri 19-Jun-09 12:02:37

No magic cure I'm afraid but Ds1 was exactly the same. He is now 2.6 and a lovely little boy.
It lasted a few months and i found i just had to watch him like a hawk and say no if he managed to get to a child and then encourage him to cuddle or touch gently to say sorry.

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