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DS2 keeps waking up in night - need it to stop

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lssb Thu 18-Jun-09 13:19:52

Our DS2 is 2.5 years old and for past 6 weeks keeps waking up once a night for a drink. We've left cups of water by his bed, on the stairs (which has the landing light on) but still comes up to our bedroom. It seems to be a habit now. He's not great at going to bed unless he's worn out with no daytime sleep but in the past once he's asleep he doesn't wake up unless he's ill. I'm 6 months pregnant so v.tired and need unbroken sleep. Any suggestions

LizzyA123 Thu 18-Jun-09 22:27:09

Could be the lighter nights, put heavier curtains up or add blinds.
Could be the heat. My DS2 27 months has been waking in the night for the last 3 weeks too. Try lighter bedding and keeping his room a bit cooler ( open window and draw curtains during the day if poss').
Could be hungry rather than thirsty, try giving a milky drink and a snack before bedtime to stave off a rumbly tummy, in the middle of the night he may not be able to differentiate between hunger and thirst. I have found that giving my DS2 his tea a bit later and a snack and drink before bedtime helps.
If drinking lots he could have a too wet nappy in the night.
Put a safety gate on his bedroom door frame to stop him coming out and if he calls/cries ignore for a while he may get bored and go back to sleep. If the protests escalate get your other half to go but be as boring as possible only do what is absolutely required keep the light dim, no play, stories, songs, cuddles etc. and minimal conversation. Once DS is back in bed a kiss a stroke and a gentle reminder to go to sleep then leave. Once you are sure that DS2 is ok ignore further protests for longer, he should settle himself again but if he doesn't just nip in put him in bed say "goodnight", then leave. If required keep taking him back to bed and saying nothing, avoiding eye contact until he gets the message.

Remember to make allowances when it is very hot or he is ill.

Heebychick Thu 18-Jun-09 22:32:06

Hi, i am in a similar situation, i am 36 weeks pregnant and have a DD who is 2.5 and she has been waking up at night for no real reason, first of all it was because she was poorly but now she just seems to wake up and almost get bored! she'll want cuddles but then goes back to sleep ok but it still totally disrupts us.

And now she's started to not go down well bedtime, tonight she was up until 9pm with all sorts of requests.

I have been told that they do regress when mum is having a baby, did your DS1 change at all when you were having DS2?

It might be mad but can you sleep elsewhere, downstairs, comfortably so your DH/DP can deal with his waking for a few nights to try and break the habit?

What happens when you put him back to bed? does he get upset or does he go down ok? our DD will go off eventually but it usually means us getting tough and telling her we wil not be back in, which is upsetting but it does work.


Gmac2009 Thu 18-Jun-09 22:40:30

I would suggest stop giving the water - probably a ploy - and always put him back in his own bed.
If he has a good drink before bedtime he shouldn't need water unless his room is too hot or he has too many covers.
I think if you want it to stop you must be kind but very firm about not entertaining him and always putting him back in his own bed.
Good luck

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