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Electric toothbrushes

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Alannah Thu 12-May-05 14:19:17

My 15 month old dd absolutely adores my battery operated toothbrush and loves when I put it in her mouth. She has, of course, her own soft tooth brush that I use to brush her few teeth with but I was wondering if anyone knows of any battery operated kids toothbrushes available? Or is there a really obvious reason why they are very bad for kids that I'm missing? It seems to me that it is a good way to positively reinforce the whole teethbrushing experience.

kid Thu 12-May-05 14:20:15

tesco and superdrug sell them.

Alannah Thu 12-May-05 14:39:36

Thanks, must wear my glasses when shopping!

frankie26 Thu 12-May-05 20:35:23

would say best to check with dentist although they are available at the shops may not be good for such a young age. but they are available in lots of different designs and they do look lots of fun - don't want to sound mean or anything

Gobbledigook Thu 12-May-05 20:36:59

I asked my dentist about them and he said they are best if you can get them to use them. He's a very well reknowned dentist too (in his field I mean - I don't expect anyone on MN to have heard of him or anything!) so I'd go with his advice. Mine don't really like them though.

Alannah Fri 13-May-05 00:11:39

Thanks for the info, I'll get her her own little one and see if she likes to use it. However knowning my little darling she probably just likes it because it's mine, as soon as I buy her her own one she will go off the idea!

fernyburn Sun 29-May-05 21:06:28

I have a 15 mo as well, she has been using an electric toothbrush for about 4 months.
We got to the stage where it was becoming a battle to do all her teeth, with a normal toothbrush, we got ours from boots, and it has flashing lights on it, she loves using it. just make sure it has really soft bristles



Gobbledigook Sun 29-May-05 21:07:52

YOu can get them and according to my dentist they are the best type of toothbrush if you are lucky enough to have a child that will use one! Go for it!

Gobbledigook Sun 29-May-05 21:08:23

Oh that threw me! Didn't realise this was an older thread and \I've already posted!

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