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Separation anxiety - going away for a night?

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ThisIsBloodyHardWork Thu 18-Jun-09 08:05:25

My 10-month-old ds has just recently developed separation anxiety. He isn't suffering too badly with it, and is mostly fine after a few minutes of crying when either me or DH leaves him. HOWEVER, he really struggles with going to sleep at the moment, unless it's on one of us, or unless we are sitting right next to his cot holding his hand. If we leave before he's properly asleep, his eyes flick open and he starts trying to get to us.

So, my question is, how OK is it to go away for a night on our wedding anniversary next week? I'm starting to have second thoughts, even tho it would be the first time we've had any time away since DS was born, and we're both REALLY looking forward to it.

ThisIsBloodyHardWork Thu 18-Jun-09 15:54:34

bump - anyone have experience of this?

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