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how long to master the mini micro scooter?

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tibradden Tue 16-Jun-09 17:27:30

I have a just 3 year old ds. He didnt walk till 21 months and still very agile. He is very tall for his age at 42 inches.

So got him early birthday present of the scooter 6 weeks ago and he still cannot get the hang of it.

How long did your children take to manage it?
Am I worrying unnecessarily?

dinkystinky Tue 16-Jun-09 17:29:32

6 months and still counting here with our 3 year old - he likes it, he just doesnt like using it outside as a method of transportation apparently hmm

desperatelyseekingsleep Tue 16-Jun-09 17:39:13

My DS got his when he was 2 and was absolutely useless on it until he was a little over 3. He seemed to go from useless to pro overnight and now, at 4, wh8izzes around so fast on it it scares me! Don't think there's anything to worry about - it'll probably just click at some point!

HeadFairy Tue 16-Jun-09 17:41:44

I've just bought ds one as he was pinching them at the park from all the other children... for a quite a few months he was just pushing it around the playground, but to my amazement one day he just clicked with it so we bought him one last weekend. He's 21 months (he does have very good co-ordination, was walking at 10 months)

pranma Tue 16-Jun-09 18:12:45

My dgs got one at 2.5 because he had used a friends he rides it really well and has just [2.8]got a running bike too however though he tries he cant pedal his trike himself.

missymum Tue 16-Jun-09 20:12:54

got one for dd aged 3, 2 frustrating months and now she is so fast on it she scares me!

tibradden Wed 17-Jun-09 14:19:03

Thanks for the replies,
Will keep persevering. He does love it.
Should have said in opening post ' very unagile'

herbgarden Wed 17-Jun-09 19:50:01

DS got one for xmas at 2.6. He was keen then not keen and now at nearly 3 he's pretty whizzy on it but I know children of the same age who have them who aren't so interested/taken a while to get used to them and still haven't. DS walked around 14 months and has always been very very active and loves running around with a ball/bat etc and is quite co-ordinated. I'm sure he'll get he hang of it eventually. I used to take mine out with the buggy so he could have a little scoot and then get in the buggy if he got fed up. Maybe that might be an option if he just needs a bit of practice here and there ? Before long I'm sure you'll be yelling at him as he disappears off on it !

bodiddly Wed 17-Jun-09 19:51:01

mine was fairly useless at steering etc for ages but one day he just got the hang of it and was away!

fucksticks Wed 17-Jun-09 19:54:27

ds is 3.7yrs and got his just over a week ago and he's pretty much got the hang of it already.
I guess becuase he is older he picked it up quicker. He's not particularly agile either.
I'd persist as he'll get it soon I'm sure!

fruitful Fri 19-Jun-09 23:02:58

Ds1 (now 4.4) never got the hang of steering it - would zoom along in a straight line and then jump off and move it whenever he needed to change direction [sigh]. He prefers his balance bike - on which he goes very fast and balances very well. But he can't do a pedal bike ... He's not at all agile, hates change, and won't do new things unless he knows he will succeed.

Ds2 (18mo) is about to inherit the neglected micro-scooter. He is from a different mould (mold?) and I think he might be profficient next week ...

magnolia74 Fri 19-Jun-09 23:10:44

Ds1 got his age 2 and isnow 2.6 and fab on it. Practice and perserverence smile

suwoo Fri 19-Jun-09 23:12:03

Is it one of those silver 2 wheeled ones? If so, DD is 7 and is still shit on hers. It broke the other week thank god. She was an embarrasment on it grin.

woodstock3 Sat 20-Jun-09 19:29:33

ds got the hang of actually scooting instantly (he's 2, and quite physically well co-ordinated) and was getting the idea of steering within a couple of weeks. he still cant however stop for the life of him. just crashes into things and looks bewildered. so i'd say not to be worried. if he enjoys it, let him keep trying. watching other kids do it in the park seemed to help....

lechatnoir Sat 20-Jun-09 20:31:00

grin @ suwoo

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