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I am so fed up!

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TooMuchCaffeine Tue 16-Jun-09 09:31:11

DS (5) only child. This has been his his first year at school and he is due to start year 1 in Septmeber.

I am just so fed up of worrying about him all the time - he won't play in his room on his own with his (mountain of) toys. He woudl rather sit and wait until one of us directs the play - then he gets all bossy and unco-operative during the game and it usually ends in tears. This also happens when friends come round and I am fed up of being a referee. Bed times are a nightmare, if DH takes him up DS makes such a fuss that it is not relaxing for me sitting downstairs - then DS shouts down the stairs or gets out of bed because he wants me to come up and cuddle him. Eating is a pain - he only eats jam sandwiches for his packed lunch and generally makes such a fuss at mealtimes. He is always moaning about people at school and every little argument/disagreement that happens and presents these to me as though they are major incidents and I then proceed to worry about it and get stressed.

I could go on but I won't as I have to go to work. He is apparently the cleverest boy in the class, well behaved (as he generally is at home), friendly and confident. But when it comes to me (and to some extent DH) it's like he has separation anxiety and acts up against anything that threatens to take the attention off him - or causes him to be away from me. All the things I mentioned above - they are like mind games and designed to control us and it is driving me mad. I am trying to get him to be more independent - but we are talking about a child who won't even go in the garden on his own and play with a football on his own!

TooMuchCaffeine Tue 16-Jun-09 09:34:11

Oh and he gets lots of cuddles all the time, and lots of attention and input from us every single day in terms of reading, drawing, singing, mucking around conversations and the various activities he goes to: taekwondo, swimming and music/drama class - so it's not as though he's neglected or anything. We do love him very much - but he is really driving me bonkers.

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