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4 yr old ds suddenly afraid of EVERYTHING!!!! What to do?

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SleeplessinScotland Mon 15-Jun-09 22:21:04

Hi. My nearly 4 yr old ds used to be happy and confident. All of a sudden he became scared to go on slides in the playpark that he always enjoyed. He is now scared of any animal I can think of except goldfish. It seems to be really everything. Since yesterday he has started crying when going to bed because of monsters, so I made 'monster spray' and since today he is scared to go upstairs for a wee (no loo downstairs) even though this wasn't a problem yesterday.

I don't know what has happened and how to deal with it. I spend a lot of time with my kids doing activities, but at this rate there won't be anything left for us to do.

BTW, he has also started making ds 2 scared of things as he copies everything ds1 does.

I would really appreciate some (a lot) of advice on if this is normal (doubt it) and how to deal with it.


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