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14 month old pulling hair - how can I stop him

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lorisparkle Mon 15-Jun-09 21:49:59

My DS2 loves pulling things (clothing, skin, hair (peoples, his own and toys)). The problem is that he likes to pull my shoulder length hair when I am dealing with DS1 and is now pulling DS1 hair.

When DS1 started biting at about this age I would say 'no' firmly and put him away from me. This worked after a little while. Unfortunately when DS2 has his hands entwined in your hair you can not do it with an instant 'no' and move away as you have to untangle yourself. This makes him laugh and then he says 'again'!

My hair is not really long enough to tie up and DS1 has lovely curly short hair that I don't want cut really short.

Any other suggestions or do i have to just wait for this lovely phase to pass and a new and even worse one to start!

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