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childhood stress - any recommended reading / advice

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SunisShinin Mon 15-Jun-09 19:53:43

Hi - have posted a couple of times about ds1 (4) who has been reffered for asd assessment. am now thinking lots of his behaviour has been down to stressful home life for last couple of years. We've already made some changes and seen great improvement but always keen to learn more. Can anyone recommend any reading?

DLI Mon 15-Jun-09 21:22:53

my son gets stressed when there is a change to his routine so on the way to school or at breakfast time we go over what we are going to do that day, i will say, we are going to gran's, then gran is going to take you to school and daddy is going to pick you up and then you are going to pick mr up from work and then we are going to have tea, play/watch tv, then it'll be bedtime. i keep it simplistic at first and then we chat about it, i will ask him bit by bit what i have just said and then include things like who are you going to play with at school today? what do you want for tea today? That way he knows what is happening and doesnt get stressed at anything new to his routine.

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