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I feel a bit sad for ds :(

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foreveroptimistic Mon 15-Jun-09 16:05:44

Ds is nearly 5 and is coming to the end of his time in Reception. At nursery ds was very popular and we still receive lots of invites for play dates with children who played with ds when he was there.

At school he just doesn't seem popular and I feel really sad for him sad. He tells me that children will play for him for a few days but then tell him that they have had enough and don't want to play with him anymore. I have also witnessed children telling him to go away and find someone else to play with.

We have had playdates and ds seems to get on okay with them whilst they are here but they don't seem to mix as easily as the friends he has from nursery. I have spoken to his teacher and they have assured me that at school he is happy, bubbly and a good mixer. I am a parent helper at the school and a lot of the children in ds's class just don't seem to be that friendly towards each other. I don't think that ds is being singled out, I am often overhearing similar comments made to other children.

Should I just accept that this is life and that you can't be liked by 100% of people or is there anything else I can do to help ds?


Seeline Mon 15-Jun-09 16:13:13

I wouldn't worry too much at this stage - children change friends fairly frequently at this age. Try and make sure you have some play dates over the summer break to try and keep some friendships alive and see how it goes at the beginning of next term.

foreveroptimistic Mon 15-Jun-09 18:52:55


ThePhantomPlopper Mon 15-Jun-09 20:03:12

I wouldn't worry.

My DS went to play with his little friend the other day, DS said hi and his friend said "go away, I'm not your friend" DS didn't care, I nearly cried blush. I came to collect him at the end of the day and they were inseparable.

Agree with seeline make some play dates over the summer and keep with it at the beginning of next term.

supagirl Tue 16-Jun-09 09:33:23


I would agree. I have a ds in reception and sometimes on the way to school he will see a boy from his class and want to wait for him. Sometimes the boy will hide and say "I don't want to walk with him (my ds) he's not my friend." DS then gets upset and asks me why...... but then he received and invite to the boy's party, went and had a great time playing with him hmm

Also, the other day a child came racing up with his Mum, they had rushed from quite far back to catch up with us and my ds said the same thing about him! His Mum looked gutted and I was MORTIFIED and cross with ds angry. At the week end though we bumped into the same boy at the park and they played together as though nothing had happened.

Kids are odd at this stage, they fall in and out of friendships with alarming speed and for seemingly daft reasons "he took the blocks and I wanted them" "he wouldn't play power rangers today and played Ben 10 with so and so instead" etc

Just keep going with the playdaytes and I'm sure it will settle down.


GooseyLoosey Tue 16-Jun-09 09:42:19

Hi - I would keep an eye on it. Ds is 6 and in yr 1 and in reception I had similar concerns to your and received a similar answer from the school. However, it is now transpiring that my concerns were justified and it would have been so much better if they had been dealt with earlier.

I am not saying that there is an issue with your son, but that you should go with your instinct and watch what is happening. From what you say though it sounds as if the class has still not quite gelled and it is not an issue with your son.

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