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finger food for 15 month old.

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mummy2t Mon 15-Jun-09 11:30:26

My 15 month old has gotten quite fussy with meal times. if it's finger foods we are ok, at the moment he wont entertain either me spoon feeding him or feeding himself. tea time isnt to much of a problem. but lunch time he doesnt really want to eat all that much. he doesnt like sandwiches and other than breadsticks and fruit i am getting stuck on different things to give him - any ideas??

bamboobutton Mon 15-Jun-09 11:35:23

at the moment ds loves

fish goujons
chicken goujons
steamed carrot sticks
oven chipsblush
bananas, which he eats whole.
rice cakes with philly
toast with marmite/jam/honey.
eggy bread soldiers

mummy2t Mon 15-Jun-09 11:37:32

thanks bam, will try some of those!!

simpson Mon 15-Jun-09 12:23:15

DD (16mths) also refuses to let me feed her with spoon.

so she eats the following:

Breakfast: sliced banana & bowl of malties with tiny bit of milk (she uses fingers V messy)

lunch: toast, or boiled egg, or scotch pancake with pieces of fruit.

tea: meatballs & pasta or fishfingers or stew or just chunks of cooked meat/fish of some kind or frittata or roast dinner.

always has steamed or roasted veg with everything.

Snacks - breadsticks, rice cakes, biscuits, raisins.

DD is lactose intolerant so has no milk, yogurt or cheese.

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