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Twin boy is such a follower

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delphinedownunder Mon 15-Jun-09 02:11:44

My DT boy is almost 3 and he is such a follower. His twin sister is the ultimate madam and takes the lead in everything. He spends all his time either copying her or wondering what she's doing, where her toys are, where she is and so on. She never gives his whereabouts a second thought, but forges ahead, brushing aside all obstacles, usually yelling or singing. Should i be concerned about this? Will he grow out of it? How can i encourage him to be his own person?

juicychops Mon 15-Jun-09 13:22:28

in my opinion he is being his own person and he just happens to be a 'follower' at the moment. thats not a bab thing imo, he's just a curious little one, and his curiosity just lies with his sister's wherabouts etc and maybe he just prefers company whereas your dd prefers to 'forge ahead' alone.

i would say that it maybe seems a problem or cause for concern to you as you have two very different children and are comparing them but i dont think you have anything to worry about at all. just relax and let them be their own person. they are only young smile

twinparent Tue 07-Jul-09 12:12:22

I have a similar situation. My son and daughter are 3.5. My son though is very outgoing and very much playful at home. He runs around, basically very much action oriented. He can be a menace at times. He has spent two years in play school recently and is now in in kindergarten in a regular school. He is very much timid and aloof in the school and doesn't socialize.

Earlier both kids were in the same school/class and he pretty much used to stick to his sister.

Now both are in different classes. I wonder what would be the best way to make sure he socializes and at least responds to his teacher and not just sitting dumb.

Can someone guide as to what I can do to ensure he starts to socialize.

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