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Ds seems to have toilet trained himself but not sure what to do next

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Icantbelieveit Sun 14-Jun-09 22:05:39

My ds is 2.2 years and has started to go to the toilet.

A few weeks ago he started to sit on the toilet and one day he did a wee on it, great I thought but I didn't expect anthing more but I kept taking him to the toilet and sat him on it and he kept on doing it so now I keep him in pants at home and he now says that he wants to go for a wee adn holds it until we run upstairs to the toilet.

This morning he was wearing his nappy from the night and told me he wanted to do a poo and he did it on the toilet when i took him.

This is all great and very easy and very unexpected but I'm not sure what to do when we go out, I was putting a pull up on him when we are out and he was just weeing in it but still going to the toilet at home but considering he is doing this should I leave the pull up off when I'm out?

I have to do the school run in the morning and was wondering what i should do, any advice would be great!!

Dysgu Sun 14-Jun-09 22:26:17

I would say just put him in pants and see what happens.

My DD1 (slightly older I know at 2.9yo) started potty training 4 weeks ago. Went straight into knickers at home but I was still using pull ups if we went out in the day or when she went to pre-school or the childminder and she wore a nappy at night.

After a week we wore knickers to go out - and she was fine, even if I did have to do a bit of running to public or cafe toilets whilst she 'held on'.

After another week I sent her in knickers to the childminders (longer days but she has been going there for over 2 years) and she was fine.

Another week later I sent her in knickers to pre-school (where she had only been going since the day after we started potty training) and she was fine.

And this week she has stopped wearing a nappy to bed and has been dry every morning when she gets up.

In the whole time she has only had 4 accidents - and 3 of those were today on the beach (!!!) so I would say just put him in pants and see how he gets on. And if he has an accident... well, it's not the end of the world and just gently remind him to tell you when he needs a wee.

Good Luck.

Icantbelieveit Sun 14-Jun-09 22:55:21

Thanks, I do want to put him in pants but if he needed a wee when we're in the car he wouldn't be able to hold on for that long until we got to somewhere with a toilet.

I think he's a bit young for all of this, if he was a bit older he may have more control over it (or would he, don't actually know!), even though dd2 did the same thing at the same age, I can't remember what I did or how it went.

bevlin Mon 15-Jun-09 13:54:26

This is so like my quandry. My DS has just potty trained himself and Im the same, didn't expect this, what do I do? He has only just turned 2, he is a small child and doesn't like the toilet even with a trainer seat as he is unsteady on it. The step stool is not enough for him to manage up either. My mum bought the potty for him and apart from getting him to sit on it naked before his bath I did nothing else so it's so unexpected. He started asking for his nappy off to do a wee wee. He will sit all morning without a nappy and no matter how busy he is with toys or watching thomas the tank he jumps up, shouts 'need a wee wee' and runs and makes it to the potty every time. Nevr had one accident in weeks. He has never done a poo though, he waits until the nappy is back on. My problem is.....we have sold our house and are moving to a rented house for 2 years while we build another. The rented house is owned by a very precious man with expensive cream carpets throughout!! Do I train him properly in the next 6/8 weeks before the move as im very relaxed about any accidents and have wooden floors or wait until he is settled in his new home but risk being more uptight incase he poo's on the carpets!blush How do I get him to go from a potty to a toilet too?

Crumpets Mon 15-Jun-09 14:06:22

My DS did something similar. I kept him in pull ups until I realised it was confusing him. He has a seat liner in the car incase of accidents but he's never had one and actually manages to hold on quite a long time (longer than me - 39wks with number 2!). I have had to stop and get him to pee standing up against the wheel of the car twice, both times after swimming which always makes him pee lots. The seat thing I have is from Sunshine kids and I got it quite cheap on ebay. It makes me feel better though I don't think we really need it.

We too have dropped night time nappies before really expecting to. I think perhaps we get all worried about potty training because we hear a lot of stories (maybe about kids who aren't ready yet). At the end of the day an accident isn't the end of the world.

My son also used to hate the toilet but I started putting him on there to wipe his bottom (so much easier to get to without being too graphic) and he's sort of got used to it from there. Now he thinks trying to balance is great fun.

Elk Mon 15-Jun-09 14:19:29

I used to take a porta-potty (called a potette I think?) everywhere with me for the first few weeks going out and about in pants. Then after a while you realise it is not being used any more and it just stays in your car. Then you find this weird blue bag in your car when you are cleaning it, look inside and see you are still carrying the potty and you can't remember the last time it was used.

timmette Mon 15-Jun-09 14:24:19

He's not too young my ds was dry and in pants all day at 2.6.
Keep a potty in the car we still do now. I would think seeing as he is making good progress that putting him in pull ups is going backwards.
At ds creche they said it was either nappies or pants pull ups were confusing.

I was surprised that my ds (2.3) could hold on for as long as he could - this would especially happen when we were out or in the car. At home, he was much more likely (in the first week of pants) to not hold it. He's been toilet trained for about a month now, and no accidents since that first week.

I'd go for pants all the time and just take spare trousers/pants with you for a while. And keep a mental check on when was the last time he went so you know when roughly to expect the next trip to the loos!

Icantbelieveit Mon 15-Jun-09 14:40:11

I did put a pull up on him when did the school run as I didn't have seat liner things but I pulled it off soon as I got home and it was dry.

His nappy (proper one not pull up) was wet this morning from the night but when he woke up he said wee coming and went on the toilet. And he had a pull up on when he was having his nap but did the same, it was dry adn he said he wanted toilet even with the pull up on.

I think I will get a porta potty, I had one for my girls but it's funny what you forget!

He's driving me mad though telling me every 5 mins that wee is coming but when we get there nothing happens, I think he wants to go upstairs and play with the water in sink. Doesn't help as no downstairs toilet but v good for leg muscles smile.

Icantbelieveit Mon 15-Jun-09 14:45:03

Bevlin, I would maybe put the potty in the bathroom next to the toilet and when he goes on it you sit on the toilet, that might work maybe giving him the association.

Though I wouldn't worry too much about the carpets, carpet cleaner will sort it out and the landlord will be none the wiser.
He must know, hopefully, that if he's renting his house to a family with a small child it's unrealistic to expect nothing to be spilt.

HaventSleptForAYear Mon 15-Jun-09 14:45:30

He's definitely not too young and he's doing really well.

I wouldn't miss this "window" of opportunity if I were you.

Forget the pull-ups (except maybe for night, unless you want to go for that too).

DS2 used to ask to go for a wee every 10 minutes in the first few weeks, just let him get used to knowing the feeling.

Why haven't you got a potty downstairs?

bevlin Mon 15-Jun-09 19:30:42

Ican'tbeleiveit - thanks, yes I do have the potty next to the loo and he follows me there everytime obsessed as he is with wee wee's!! It has been a while since I sat him on the loo and I think I was scared to put him off when he was unsure a wobbly on it. I should prob try again eh?

artydeb Mon 15-Jun-09 20:22:58

So pleased to find this post - my ds (2/1) done exactly same thing, bought pants today after keeping pull ups dry for a couple of weeks,has worn them successfully today at home, sending into nursery in them tomorrow with spare clothes AND attempting school run! DD reversed a couple of times when she was trained so don't rule out going back - for some reason holidays seem to throw them off kilter - but i'm grabbing the opportunity of the self trained child and seeing what happens! Good luck with the cream carpet wink

berrysmum Tue 16-Jun-09 22:07:09

My dd2 did the same about 2 months ago, aged 22 months. We think she copied her big sis and a child at the childminders as we really did absolutely nothing to toilet train her! My advice would be to stay away from the nappies in the daytime if at all possible as the child at the childminders (nearly 3) who she originally copied has constant accidents and always arrives and leaves wearing a nappy in case of accidents in the car / buggy. My dd2 on the other hand, seldom wets herself now. We put a thin changing mat (from the pound shop!) under a blanket on her car seat and buggy until we were confident that she wouldn't wee. She still wears a pull up in bed but 99% of the time it's dry in the mornings.

juggielady Tue 16-Jun-09 23:10:22

Any advice i'm at my wits end - my d (2.11) is fine with wee's hes never had an accident but he won't sit on the toilet or potty for a poo. He keeps doing no 2's in his pants. He will then come to me and ask for the baby wipes. I have tried talking to him and I have tried to sit him on the potty when he gets that all too familar look on his face. Nothing seems to work. Hes been out of nappies for about a month now. I introduced him to the potty slowly, over a period of a few months, and he did wear trainer pants at one stage but seemed to think they were a nappy as he would do wee's and poo's in them. I don't want to put nappies back on him but not sure how to proceed from here.

Neeko Tue 23-Jun-09 22:05:44

I'm glad I've found this thread as I'm going to start potty training DD at the weekend. Thanks for the tips. Keep them coming!

Fizzylemonade Tue 23-Jun-09 23:30:23

If you have boys an empty water bottle is a godsend especially in cars grin that way you can pull over somewhere safe and they can stick their willy into the neck of the bottle and it catches everything.

When both my sons potty trained I dreaded going out into a shopping mall as I was convinced they would wee all over the floor. I used to take a change of clothes for them, a towel and a plastic carrier bag in case I needed to mop them up and could stash the dirty stuff in the bag.

juggielady does he poo on the potty when you notice that look on his face or not? My son always wanted a nappy back on to poo into. In the end I was horrid (blame pregnancy hormones) and I knew he needed a poo so I sat him on the toilet and told him we would stay there until he pooed blush it did work but it could have backfired.

Don't put him back in nappies, never go back. Try the usual sticker chart for poos and the "potty fairy" could reward him for any poo he does.

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