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Not bearing any weight at 11 months - anyone else had that?

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sarahemum Sun 14-Jun-09 20:43:02

My little girl is 12 months and is a dedicated bottom shuffler and has been since 9 months. She still wont bear any weight on her legs although doc says is fine. She goes really fast but will not pull up/ bear weight etc..

Be great to hear from anyone else who had bottom shufflers as I don't know any and how they found their legs?

I'm not looking forward to the next few months as people are already saying 'oh isn't she walking yet' - and I think that it may be a while!

lambanana Mon 15-Jun-09 16:57:33

Yep my dd1 didn't walk until she was 17 months.

She did not weight bear and was a prolific bum shuffler.

The HV sent someone from the local physio department round as they thought she may have hypermobility. The physio just really used to observe her and make her do reaching exercises. She did eventually start crawling and doing a little bit of cruising at around 15mths then she finally walked at 17mths when dd2 was 4mths!

I was never unduly worried although I know what you mean when people start questioning or commenting.

Has your HV mentioned anything. Are you worried?

sarahemum Tue 16-Jun-09 14:52:59

Yes - we have been referred to physio but cant really see it will make her do it any quicker and it is really hard as I have to take my toddler as well so I'm considering not going - just trying to work out whether that is a good idea.

Your LO sounds very similar and mine is so active now I can't believe there is a lot wrong she just likes her way of getting around I guess!

CurryMaid Tue 16-Jun-09 14:56:29

My DD is 10 months and doesn't even bum shuffle.

She used to stand if I put her in that position but now sticks her legs out in front of her so she goes into a sitting position.

The HV says she's fine. She just like to sit!

I, too, am getting fed up of people asking if she's moving about yet. At least yours is bumshuffling! grin

LilRedWG Tue 16-Jun-09 14:59:46

DD didn't weightbear at that age - she is now running around. Here is my celebratory thread when it finally happened.

If you have any concerns ask for a referal to physio who will check her out thoroughly and mean that you cen tell people that she has been assessed and is fine/receiving help. In the meantime - try not to let well-meaning people get to you, although I know it is hard.

LilRedWG Tue 16-Jun-09 15:00:36

Just reread - she is bumshuffling. That's good. DD didn't bumshuffle or anything - lazy little blighter!

maggie75 Tue 16-Jun-09 15:55:44

My DD didnt bear weight till she was 12 months - she bum shuffled from 11 months and walked at 18 months (with a period of crawling/cruising beforehand).

In terms of encouraging pulling up, we had one of those little activity tables with lots of noises and bright lights etc on and we encouraged her to stand at that and she eventually built up strength. She started by kneeling leaning on the sofa arm, then gradually built up. She also walked holding our hands for a long time before she found her own balance.

Realise its difficult with a toddler, but I would def recommend to attend the physio appointments. My experience of the physios has been great - v child friendly. You could suggest they try and involve your toddler in some of the games they play when observing your DD which he/she might enjoy?

My DD is hypermobile and has had supportive boots called Piedro boots prescribed to support her ankles. She will wear these or orthotic insoles the whole time she is growing.

They didnt actually do physiotherapy with her, just observed and gave us excercises. We are now signed off and just go to Orthotics (the team that supply the boots).

Im so glad I pushed for a referral as I was really worried about her. The boots really help stabilise her and will support her as she grows ensuring her ankles and feet are aligned properly.

supagirl Tue 16-Jun-09 19:39:42

DS didn't crawl until he was 11 and a half months and didn't walk until he was almost 18 months. I was really worried but he is 5 now and you would never be able to pick out from his class which ones crawled/walked sooner/later.

DD is 1 and has opnly just starting trying to pull up but she still isn' bearing weight on her legs and just bends them if you try to put her in that position. This time I'm not at all worried - been here before - when peope ask me if I'm concerned I say "not at all!"

Try not to worry - I was in a state of panic with ds and could not understand it but he is fine now and you would honestly never know he took a while to get going smile

peachsmuggler Tue 16-Jun-09 19:58:40

My DD is 15 months and is a bum shuffler too.She would not bear ANY weight on her legs until very recently when she did a little bit if I held her up.

Literally in the last week she has started standing up when I stand her at something, like the bath or a sofa. She has never crawled and only in last couple of weeks has started getting herself up onto her knees frm lying on her front.

You might as well see the physio as am sure you have nothing to worry about, but it will hopefully put your mind at rest.

From people I have talked to it seems that bum shufflers just walk later.

I know it is difficult when others start to walk, but try to remember they all do things at different times

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