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confusing 'her' and 'she'

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misshardbroom Sat 13-Jun-09 19:52:56

As some of you who have read my posts on other boards might know, my 5.9 y.o DD has had some problems with her speech - she was willing to talk, had a wide vocabulary, but the clarity of her speech was very poor.

Referred to NHS SALT, some limited progress, but it's improved significantly since she's been in school.

Her speech still sounds a bit babyish but most people can understand her pretty well. However, the big thing I'm coming up against now is her confusing 'her' and 'she'.

For instance, earlier we were playing with her dollies and she said to me 'Her is going to a party now'.
So I said 'How lovely, SHE is going to a party'
DD: 'Yes, her is going to one and her will wear she's party dress'

I don't want to pick her up on it every single time, but because it's basically understandable, it's becoming entrenched in her speech. And when I do correct her, either implicitly or explicitly, she then remembers but misuses it again!

Can anyone think of any inventive ways to teach her which way it should be? If I could make it a game, that would be great. Obviously, she hears me & DH speaking correctly, and I read to her extensively, but it doesn't seem to be clicking.

(Similar problem with he / him, although she tends to use a generic 'hin' for both)

mrsmaidamess Sat 13-Jun-09 19:57:43

How about some pictures of girls that you could make describing game out of?

You could model the sentence and she could repeat it back.

'Is she wearing a pink scarf?'

'Yes, she is wearing a pink scarf'
'is it HER pink scarf?
yes it's HER pink scarf.

Can she read those words?She/her?

misshardbroom Sat 13-Jun-09 20:04:52

yes, she can read them no problem, which is another reason I think it's bizarre.

Good idea with the pictures, we could play it with her paper dolls (which are her Best Thing Ever).

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