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Any ideas for stuff to do in the day with a 4mth old?

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juicychops Wed 11-May-05 10:46:32

I dont drive so i cant go many places. I just spend my days walking around the same shopping centres or parks and its boring!! i meet friends for lunch occasionally but i cant afford to do it much. Plus bus fairs are £1.20 each way wherever i go. ds is too young to go to toddler groups but he is sdleeping less in the day now and wants to be entertained. I have a big foam mat thing that i play with him on a lot like teaching him to roll and using his legs and hands and things like that. he also has a door bouncer which he loves. But after doing something for about half hour - 40 mins he gets bored. Any ideas of new things i can do with him?

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 11-May-05 11:14:48

What about when he's in his door bouncer to put some paint on his feet and put paper underneath. DD enjoyed doing that.
Try swimming, again my dd loved swimming at that age.

Mud Wed 11-May-05 11:17:52

have people round for coffee, do what makes you happy and take baby along, there are cinemas you can go to, check out local one o clock clubs (normally free), join mother and baby groups to make friends and use those friendships to hang out at each others houses (baby massage, music classes), check out your local libraries for mother and baby groups

he's young enough to fit into your needs and not the other way round and the only kind of stimulation he needs is you

juicychops Wed 11-May-05 11:18:00

Yeah i cant wait to go swimming. Hes got his last injections next week so after that i can start going swimming

Newbarnsleygirl Wed 11-May-05 11:22:31

Yeah you could join a Jo Jingles or what about baby Yoga?

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